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Age Of Empires Cheat Codes Best Hacks Guaranteed

Finding and searching age of empires cheat codes is very difficult task these age of empires cheat codes and hacks are not easy to find at gamecodesguide you will find all cheats and hacks at one place also check out cheats for among us .

Age of Empires : Definitive Edition cheat codes

Age of empires basically started in 1997 it is real time strategy game and developed by Microsoft. Th game replicates the real battle held in history. Take part in the battles and make new strategy according to the battele. The age of empires cheat codes allow you to do some hacks in game which ease the stress and you can win easily. These age of empires cheat codes and hacks allow you to make military unit fast and you can fight any other unit and destroy them and also allow you to increase your resources. By using these cheat codes you can have some laser rifles and fight low level fighters of other army who only have simple weapons like swords.

To Use These Cheat Codes Follow Below Steps :

In age age of empires definitive edition its same to to trigger the cheat code as in previous edition age of empires games. Press Enter when you are playing the game or open the chat from top right chat icon. And in there type the cheat code and press Enter.

BIG BERTHA: By using this cheat code you can change all Catapults and Stone Throwers to to more stronger Big Bertha.

BIGDADDY: This cheat requires a town center. Winsett’s Z car become fast and vital.

E=MC2 TROOPER: This also require town hall it make trooper Nuclear who fires one arrow with lot of damage.

DIE DIE DIE: It doom all other player instantly and they die.

PHOTON MAN: This cheat also require town hall Laser Trooper works fast and also wear space suite.

HOME RUN: By applying this age of empires cheat code you will win fast.

FLYING DUTCHMAN: This makes Juggernaut ships and Catapult Trireme get on land.

MEDUSA: This cheat code also require town centre. This cheat convert villagers to Madusa a greek demon. When attackers see them they become stone it make villagers reanimate after they die. When villagers first die they become black riders and if they die again they becomes catapult.

BLACK RIDER: By applying this cheat archers turns into black riders.

ICBM: It increase the firing range to 100 for weapons Helepolis and Ballista.

DARK RAIN: This converts Turns all your archers into trees.

KILL1: It can kill one player 2 players and 3 players any number of players you want.

STORMBILLY: This cheat requires town hall it makes Zug 209 robot and fire lasers.

NO FOG : This is very tricky cheat code it will remove the fog in the area and reveal all the positions of the other units.

JACK BE NIMBLE: By applying this cheat catapult throw villagers in place of stones.

More Cheat Codes

RESIGN: By applying this cheat you will lose game once applied.

QUARRY: It give you 1000 stones once applied.

KING ARTHUR: After applying this code birds in game becomes dragons and dinosaurs .

STEROIDS: This age of empires cheat code activates for all players not only one player and it removes the waiting time required for upgrades making buildings and creating units

POW: This cheat also requires town hall it makes a BabyPrez having a tricycle and deadly weapons in hand and kills the

WOODSTOCK: By applying this cheat it will provide you with 1000 wood Instantly.

GAIA: Be careful of this code when applied this code will give you control of all the animals. But once you gain the animals control you will lose the control of your people. And there is no specific way to regain the control back.

UPSIDFLINTMOBILE: By applying this code the archers on chariot moves faster and fire arrow more than normal.

COINAGE: After applying this code you will be provide Instantly with 1000 gold.

PEPPERONI PIZZA: After applying this code will give you the 1000 food.

Use these age of empires cheat codes wisely and also make sure to enjoy this wonderful game.

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