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Earn Free Robux Promo Codes & Gift Card Codes – 2021

What is Robux?

Robux (R$) is like a digital currency used in Roblox games to purchase anything in the any game. Mostly, Robux is available for everyone at a certain price but there are few methods and hacks which gives free robux.

We will discuss everything in detail in this guide. In the given guide you will learn many things like how to earn robux for free, are there any real robux promo codes and if there are then where to get them and where to use them in the game.

Furthermore, we will also discuss about the legitimacy of robux generators and many other robux hacks that promises you free robux.

Moreover, on our Roblox Games Codes page you will find all the other guides we have created for Roblox.

Free Robux Codes Hacks List

Below are all the ways which will earn you free robux and also there are some legitimacy check of some popular hacks of getting free robux.

Get Free Robux with Microsoft

You can now earn robux with Microsoft. Microsoft has started a new program to provide reward points on every search you make on bing or use any other service provided by Microsoft. These points can be redeemed to get free items including free robux.

To get these rewards you will need to join this program. Follow these steps and earn free robux without any need of robux promo codes.

earn free robux with microsoft rewards
  • Join the Microsoft Rewards program by signing in into your with you outlook account.
  • After you have successfully joined this program, start searching, playing games and shopping with bing.com in order to earn reward points.
  • Now convert these reward point into Robux. You will get these robux credited to your roblox account wallet linked to your outlook account.

Furthermore, Microsoft Rewards program is available in selected countries. These countries are United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan.

Referring Roblox to your friends

Roblox is an online gaming world containing thousands of games. Its popularity is through word of mouth of its thousands of players. Now you can share any game directly from their game page with your friends. And to make the process more interesting and rewarding, Roblox has started an affiliation program.

roblox affiliation program for free robux

Under the affiliation program, whenever you share a link on your social media or directly to your friends and a new user opens the link and signs up for the first time on Roblox, you will be rewarded by roblox. The reward is that you will get 5% of every purchase that new user makes on Roblox.

So if the referred user makes a purchase of 10,000 robux, you will get a deposit of 500 free robux in your account, which you can use to upgrade your avatar, purchasing t-shirts, pants and free other premium items. The best part is this program is for life time. Meaning, you will a 5% share of every spending of that user makes on roblox for the rest of their life.

This program also rewards the developer. If the new user signs up on Roblox through any gaming page then the developer of the game will also get a 5% share of every spending the user makes on any roblox item. That is why Roblox encourages developers to make their game and game pages as much appealing as possible.

Earning Free Robux by Selling game passes & gears

There is another way of earning robux for free. But this one requires some creativity. You can design and create t-shirts, jeans and any other thing that you can think of. If you can make it then you can definitely sell it in the game.

Furthermore, you can set up small huts like stores in the game where other users can purchase your creations from or you can setup a chat bot script which can interact with other users about the selling of the products.

Join Roblox Premium

free robux in roblox premium

Joining the Roblox Premium is another way of getting free robux. The robux you get are mostly what you pay for, but along with that you will get free robux as a reward. Below are all the prices and with the offered robux amount with that price.

Premium Membership PriceR$

As you can see that the amount of robux given with the membership is way more than when you purchase robux only one time. Robux will credit the same amount every month to your Roblox Robux account. There will be many other benefits that you get with premium membership which we will discuss further below.

Sell your own Items

When you join any of the three premium membership of Roblox, you will unlock the ability of exchanging and selling anything that you own or creations for some amount of robux. Although this is not what we call getting free robux, but at least you are getting robux without paying any real money for it.

Create your own game

This is the best way of earning free robux. Creating a game could be a really lengthy process and tricky process, but not in robux world. You just need to have some basic skills in roblox studio and a really good imagination.

After you have created a cool and interesting game, you can make it paid to play or you can make it free and provide premium passes. Furthermore, you can also provide in app purchases of the items that you create along the way for your game users.

Join the Roblox Builders Club

There used to be a Roblox Builders Club, which only eligible builders could join. Every member of the builder club used to get a stiffen of free robux every month. Along with the stiffen they could create anything and sell it to the other players of the game. But alas! Roblox has discontinued the Builder Club for some reasons.

Purchase Robux

Purchasing Robux is not getting robux for free but it sure is a way of getting the Robux quickly. You can purchase robux by going to the Buy Robux page and purchasing the package you want of robux. There you will also see the Premium Membership plans along the one time purchase packages of Robux. You will optioins just like the image shown below.

get robux in roblox

Are Robux Promo Codes real?

Every Roblox player once in a while search for Robux Promo Codes desperately. But to their grief, they do not find any. While there are many promo codes in Roblox for free items, there have never been any Roblox Promo Code for Robux.

Robux is the only digital currency you will find in Roblox, you can earn it, buy it but there is no way that you will find any robux promo code to get it for free. It is against the game rules.

Furthermore, you can get the best Roblox Promo Codes List on our blog. All the codes are legit and provides many exciting gifts and rewards.

Does Robux Generators really exist?

Just like the Robux Promo Codes, players of Roblox have also searched for free Robux Generators for time immemorial. Lets clear one thing here, Robux is the digital currency you will use to purchase any thing in Roblox, so only and only Roblox provides robux to their players whether you earn it or you purchase it.

So, the answer to this question is a big NO. There is no legit robux generator that provides free robux. It is a hoax that many website owners play to lure you on their website.

Roblox Gift Card Codes

While Roblox Gift Card Codes does not provide robux to you directly, but they are a good way to show your love to your friends and family. You can purchase a roblox gift card on their official Gift Card page or you can go directly to their seller page for Roblox Gift Card Codes on Amazon.

robux gift card codes

Furthermore, you can purchase the prefixed amount of gift card or you can also customize the amount of the card.

Moreover, these Roblox Gift Card Codes also contain a surprise reward with them. The reward is revealed when they are redeemed.

Free Roblox Gift Card Items for February 2021

There are many roblox gift card items that you can get you can get for free by purchasing the gift cards for roblox. You will a a different free item on purchasing the roblox gift card of different value. Let us share with you the items you will get on purchasing these roblox gift card codes.

ItemName Description
Chicken Nugget HatGet this item when you redeem a $25 Roblox card from Walmart US and CA in February 2021
Chocolate DonutphonesThis card is free item is given when you redeem roblox gift card from Curry’s UK
Corn Dog HatThis item is given on every roblox gift card purchased from GameStop US, DK, FI, IE, NO and SE in February 2021
Flan HatYou can get this gift item when you redeem a $10 gift card for roblox purchased from Walmart US
Popsicle BackpackThe gift cards purchased from CVS US gives this free item
Sandwich HatThis free item is provided when anyone purchase any roblox gift card code from Best Buy US
Salmon Roe Sushi HatYou can get this gift item by purchasing a roblox gift card from select merchants in US
Sliced Strawberry HatThis berry hat is available on the gift card for roblox sold by Aldi
Strawberry Shortcake HatTo get this hat you must redeem a roblox gift card purchased from Big W AU
Tamago Nigiri HatFurthermore, tamago nigiri hat is only available with the Roblox Gift Card codes purchased from Target (USA)

All these items are available only with the roblox gift card code available at various shopping stores.

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