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Find Out Best Minecraft TikTok Hacks Here Guaranteed 2021

Last updated on January 16th, 2021

Stuck and cant get Minecraft Tiktok Hacks? You have to come at right place here you will get best minecraft tiktok hacks for 2021.

Minecraft is aan open world game with a large area which will never be over and unlimited. In the game player moves in a blocky 3D world player also the character are also blocky 3D. The Minecraft players move in the world collect. This game runs all three platforms Windows, OS X, and Linux. Minecraft can be run both single player and multiplayer. The players can mine the minerals and collect materials. Then they can make equipment and other stuffs.

So here we will find out best minecraft tiktok hacks so you can play minecraft as you want. Also dont use these hacks much because it can spoil the joy of the game for others and you too. Below is the list of best minecraft tiktok hacks.

Minecraft Tiktok Build Hacks :

  1. Make Arched Fences : You have to place gates between cobblestone walls one slightly lower than other and this will make the arched fences.
  2. To Make A Chair : To make a chair you need to put signs in the form of staircase and one above other and this will create a chair like structure.
  3. How TO Make Glowing Land : If you place some carpets on the top of the glow stone you can get the light and glow stone is hidden it creates a very cool effect.
  4. By adding different texture blocks in your walls of house it will create a very nice wall texture.
  5. Create A Table : By placing a carpet on top of a fence it will make a table like structure which look likes a table.
  6. Hide Secret Room : You can hide your secret room by adding signs and putting a painting on top of it so it will be hidden.
  7. Build A Secret Chamber : To build a secret chamber you can use a tree and put a ladder underneath it where you can put your stuff nobody will notice it.
  8. Create Little Cabinets : To create little cabinets you can use item frames and then put a wooden pressure plate on them to create little cabinets by using this minecraft tiktok hack.
  9. Use Stained Glass In Place Of Water : In this minecraft tiktok hack you can use stained glass in place of water to create light shade on large structures.

Create Best Secret Room Even Pro Cant Find :

Use Lava To Create Secret Chamber :

In this minecraft tiktok hack you can use lava to hide your secret chamber. For this to work you can use lava. First you need to find the best place to create this chamber. Now dig deeper to two floors in the ground. You need to have some iron so get some before digging. Just dig two blocks in ground where you dig before and put some water on it. On the top of water put some lava so when you jump into the lava you will be safe in the water below it. So for other player they will not notice this trick and you will be safe.

Create Hidden Room Under A NPC Village House:

This minecraft tiktok hack is also tricky one and funny. In this hack you can create secret room under the villagers house. House floor in villages is made up of wood. So you can dig deep in that floor where you can set up a secret room. Which nobody else will notice. Now again repair the floor as it is and when need to hide you can hide there.

Disapper Really Quick:

Disappear Really Quick : This minecraft hack is one of its own. Also very usefull when someone is behind you to steel your stuff. For this to work you need a cliff just travel to distance than cliff where you can see it properly. Then plant a red flower where you stand to mark it. After that throw a end of pearl on the cliff and dig inside the cliff from that place. Also plant a flower at its entrance so you can see it. Now when someone follows you throw the end of pearl on the entrance and you will get disappear.

Use these tricks and be the pro in the game and you will progress fast in the game.

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