Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes

New Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes [2021]

As you are looking for Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes that are in working condition, we were also looking for the same. But in the end we decided to make a whole guide on the working codes for Pokemon Sword and Shield to help those who are looking for the codes but do not find them.

In this guide you will find the many Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes that gives many gifts like apparels, weapons, dive balls, battle points, luxury balls and many other free items. All you need to do is redeem these codes before they are expired and we suggest you to use these codes now because these codes might expire today.

Working Codes for Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift

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Below is the list of all the Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes that are currently working. We recommend to use them right now.

P1KACHUGET : This code gives a Picachu hat when you apply it in the game.

1CH00SEY0U : Get a partner hat of pikachu on redeeming the given code

K1NP1KA1855 : this code provides a mysterious hat to any one who redeems it

K0UN1NMASC0T : redeem new promo code to get free package of of fast ball, level ball and moon ball

1YAHAYA : this pokemon go mystery gift card gives beast ball, heavy ball and a pokeball. It is valid for whole January.

0KUGAFUKA1B0RU : get one love ball, 1 dive ball and a legendary ball after redeeming the given promo code

GALAR : this code promises to give a a free bottle cap

G1GANTAMAX : furthermore, redeem the given code for a 30 BP

V0LTTACKLEP1KA : apply the given code for a mysterious gift. There is n instruction that this code will expire tomorrow. So if you have not used it yet then do use it now.

G1GA-GRAN-F1NA-LE : this pokemon go gift card code provides a up to 10+ heavy balls as well as 15+ heal balls.

P1KAADVANCE : Redeem the code and get a cool advance hat of pikachu. Furthermore, the given code can be redeemed only once and that too until tomorrow. After that it will not work.

KAL0SP1KA : Apply the mentioned code the next time play the game to get free kalos hat of pikachu.

Furthermore these are these codes are available for use until this weekend.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes (Expired)

The working Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes are already provided you in the above list. You must be wondering what this next post is for. Well, whenever any code gets expired then they are removed from the above list and added to the list mentioned below. This list is just to keep record, how many of the codes have gone expired and nothing more.

P1KAV1KA : apply the given code for a mysterious gift

P1KAB00! : this code provides 10 battle points + 20 bottle cap

V3GAV3GA : apply the given code in the game for free 5X luxury balls, 2X lure ball and other gifts

VALAR : this code gives 5 fast ball + 2 money ball + 4 dive balls. Given code is very special one because it can be used twice.

SU43RBALL : redeem code for a mysterious gift of pokeballs

S3VENR1NG : redeem the given code to get the reward before it gets expired.

P1KAR0CK : claim the given code and get 3 Fast Balls, 10 Battle Caps, 2 Luxury Balls and 20 battle points

L1V3PR3SENT : apply the given code in the game for 5X Premier Balls + 2X Fast Balls + 1X Moon Ball

FUTURE : redeem the code for 20X Battle Points and bottle caps with 5X Level Ball

R1GHTP1KA : redeem the mentioned code before its expiry so you can get 20X Heal Balls + 5X Dive Balls, 2 Premier Balls

SUPERP1KA : get free premier balls + 2 heal balls + 20 battle points and 10 Bottle Caps.

As we already told you that all these codes in this list are expired, so there is no point in trying them out in your game. But, we assure you to add new codes fast.

How to Redeem Codes?

Follow the following steps in order to redeem the code in your game and get the free reward.

  1. First of all launch the game and once its launched log in into your game account.
  2. Now open the main menu and look for the ‘ Mystery Gift’ button and tap the button.
  3. In the next screen you will see ‘Get a mystery code’ option, tap that option and next go to the ‘get code’ option.
  4. Paste the code that you have copied from the above list to get the free reward.

Soon we will update new Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes in this guide. Stay tuned to get the new codes.

About the game

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are two separate role playing games that were created in 2019 by Game Freak and Published by the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. These games are only available for Nintendo Switches. Furthermore, they are not free, so they will cost you a few dollars to play, assuming that you already have Nintendo Switches purchased.

You can purchase Pokemon Sword as well as Pokemon Shield on Amazon for $62.36 and & $59.99 respectively. Furthermore, these both games are also available on Nintendo official website for the same price.

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