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Power Simulator 2 Codes in Roblox 2021

Last updated on February 27th, 2021

If you are looking for working Power Simulator 2 Codes, then you have come to the right place. We have generated this guide with the every legit code available on every source. We can assure you that you will not find codes like these any where else.

Furthermore, these codes will provide you free tokens as well as gems along with some exceptional gifts which you will not find anywhere else. These tokens and gems can be used for further enhancement of the super power abilities of your avatar.

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Roblox Power Simulator 2 Codes

Below is the working list of codes for power simulator 2 codes.

25KVIPBONUS : redeem this code for 2 hours of VIP.

mario : redeem new code in power simulator 2 to get 200 token credit

NEW15KCODE : Go over Power Simulator and redeem the latest promo code, which provides free VIP to the users. This code is created by the developer to celebrate reaching the 15K likes. (NEW)

10KLIKESTOKENS : New code for power simulator 2 that gives 300 tokens

5KLIKES : apply this code in the game and get a pack of 200 tokens for free. It was released to celebrate achieving the 5K Likes mark

Ecoded : here is another code which will give you a pack of 100 free tokens on its redemption.

RELEASE : Redeem the latest code given by the Power Simulator dev team of reaching 5K likes

RAINWAY : this code provides 100 tokens for free

TRISTAN : redeem the given code if you want to 200+ tokens

Old Codes for Power Simulator 2

JakNoob : use given code for 500 tokens along with some free gems

JustTurkey : redeem the next working code for super hero fighting

Cookie : redeem another code that will give 200 tokens

HIGHWAY : redeem the provided code for a pack of free gems as well as free tokens

update : get a boost in the luck by 2x for 30 minutes by using the given code

Holidays : apply another working code to get a credit of 300 tokens

FROSTOOTH : apply the best power simulator 2 code that provides 10,000 tokens

RektwayK : redeem another code for 500 tokens

Roblox Power Simulator 2 Codes (Expired)

xbutteRY: furthermore, here another code for 200 tokens

VIPTOKEN : here is a promo code for 100 gems, redeem it before it expires

goals : complete your goal of getting strong, make it easy by redeeming this code

30KSupreme : apply the next code that provides 50 tokens & gems

WINTERTOKENS : get 100 tokens on applying the provided code

XMASLUCK : get 3x boost in luck for the next 1 hour

Pieover : this code provides 100 gems along with 500 tokens

These are all the power simulator 2 codes available right now. We will update new codes soon.

How to redeem codes in Power Simulator 2

You can redeem roblox power simulator 2 codes just like any other Roblox game. You need to follow these simple steps in order to successfully apply them.

  • When the game launches, look for a twitter button on the left upper corner of the screen. Click on that button, which will open a new window.
  • In the new window that pops up on the screen, you will find an empty box, the code you have copied from the above list goes there.
  • Below the box, you will see the redeem button. Click the button.

If your code works then you will get the benefit, but if it doesn’t then you can always another code.

About The Game

Power Simulator 2 is roblox game that lets you fight the enemies with super powers. The players can trains their avatars mind, body, fists & increase the speed. to make them more powerful. The players can also unlock new skill sets, reach powerful ranks to fight as many enemies as they can.

This game is created by Power Simulator 2 in June, 2020 and has been last updated on 24th January, 2021 (on the day this guide was published). The game has been played by more than 650+K players and 9,000+ players have declared this game their favorite.

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