PubG Mobile Redeem Codes

PubG Mobile Redeem Code 2021

PunG Mobile Redeem Codes are codes that will give you free skins, weapons, clothes and many other exciting rewards and we have prepared a list of codes for PubG mobile from every source possible. Every code is tested verified and then updated to this guide.

Players Unknown Battle Ground aka PubG is a mobile platform battle game, where 100 players fight with each other to survive to be last man standing as a team or solo. This game has been chosen as the best game by 1 billion players all around the world.

PubG Mobile Redeem Codes (All Working)

We have worked really hard to compile this list. You will find every working PubG Mobile redeem code for 2021. Furthermore, these codes are expiring pretty quickly.

LUCKY : this code provides combat drivers to the players who redeems it

R3HABPUBGM :given code is working and provides Rehab set to users.

GUNRED : apply the given code to get a free gun skin in red color

These are the only working codes available right now. Redeem them now or else they will also get expired. Furthermore, if you love to play games, then you will also love our guides on other games. Go check them out :

Other Pubg Mobile redeem codes (expired)

There are many codes that got expired in the recent times and many websites tends to not take them down. These expired codes are mentioned below with the rewards that they provided.

FJFKJHBKJ: Redeem given pubg code for cool Kar98K skin

YRDCHV7O9B: this code used to give a legendary outfit for free

VHJGEDXGH : this code rewarded M416 skin

HFHCMJB : this code provided exciting reward

YTDYHVBK : applying the given pubg redeem code provided cool outfit

FHDXGHVJ : this code used to give a new dancing step

PUVBGC : when used it gave a new car skin

JHCYFFY : this pubg redeem code was provided to give free skin for M24

JHVHCHG : redeeming the given code used to give a reward for M16A4 skin

HVCGFCG : when used this code rewarded a legendary outfit to the user

VHGCKJ : using the provided code gave new bike skin

HVGVJKJB : this code rewarded players with legendary outfit

KGYTJKJ : furthermore, on claiming the given code and players were rewarded with cool gun skin

GVJHBJB : another code which would have given you M24 skin

MJVHNHC : applying the mentioned code gave new gun skin and cool outfit

GFRSGCH : furthermore, this code used to give free outfits to the users

RDTTGCFH : applying given code when it worked used to give a reward of cool dance movement

VHVHJNB : moreover, this code used to give free legendary skin for automobile

JHVGHVJ : any one who redeemed this code were rewarded free cool dancing steps

YHVJBH76 : this code provided a huge discount on the royale pass

HDGKJBKK : if you applied given code, you would have been rewarded with new car skin

JFTCVNVLK : furthermore, this code provided free M16A4 skin to the user

VCGFCHHBK : given code used to give a really cool reward to the players

GCNNMHVV : furthermore, this code used to give a legendary outfit

How to use PubG Mobile Redeem Codes

To redeem PubG Mobile codes, you must follow some very simple steps. But, first of all copy any one working code from the list given above which you have not used yet and follow these steps given below:

  • Open the PubG Redemption Center. Further, make sure that you use are logged in with your same game account.
  • Now paste the code that you have copied into the redemption box and hit the redeem button.

Whether your code works or not, you will get the confirmation notice right after hitting redeem button. Furthermore, if it works then your reward will automatically appear in your game, provided that you were logged in with the same account on the redemption page.

Where to get PubG?

PubG is a free multiplayer mobile game available on the Play Store as well as App Store for both android and iOS devices respectively. You can download it from these stores free of cost.

Furthermore, if you belong to a country where PubG has been banned, then you must be wondering how you can play this game. Well, apparently you still can play this game. But you must follow these steps:

  • Download any Internet Proxy App.
  • Before opening the game, apply the proxy of some other country where Pubg is still working and launch the game.

Now enjoy the best gaming experience. Furthermore, you should consider purchasing a high-speed internet plan, because using PubG over proxy requires pretty high speed to run efficiently.

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