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New Roblox Adopt Me Codes 2021

Welcome to the biggest list of roblox adopt me codes. Today you have ended your search for working codes of adopt me. Every fan of Adopt Me game knows that is this game is most famous and vastly played game played on the Roblox Gaming Platform.

Every code that we have collected is working at the time of publishing this post and we will keep updating them gradually.

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Codes For Adopt Me 2021

Below you will find the working list of promo codes for Adopt Me. Redeem each and every code before they are no long active.

SUMMERBREAK : get 500 free bucks

girtunwrap: 200 bucks for free

STYLISH: Here is new code and get free credits

vanforsale : 300 bucks

GIFTUNWRAP: Redeem new code

DiscordFTW : Apply another code for adopt me

M0N3YTR33S : Redeem new code and get 200 bucks credited

SUMMERSALE: Apply this code for free bucks

EVERYDAY : Apply new promo code

EASTER2019: apply the code and get a new pet

celebrity : collect the reward of 200 bucks

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Adopt Me Codes

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About Adopt Me

In adopt me, you can create your own home, decorate it according to your style and adopt and raise over 65+ cute pets.

Adopt me is an online game created by vast team of developers spread across many countries. Its developer team is named DreamCraft and the founding members are NewFissy – Tech Director and Bethink – Creative Director. You can also follow @PlayAdoptMe on twitter.

This game aims to create a safe, positive and family environment.

How to apply codes in Adopt Me

Its quite easy to redeem the adopt me codes. Copy any code from the above list. Now follow these steps.

redeem new codes in adopt me
  1. Launch the game, once launched look for the twitter button on the right side of the screen. Click it. Now a new window will pop on your screen.
  2. On this new screen you will find an empty box, where you will have to put your codes in. Paste the code in the box and click on the redeem button.

This how you redeem the roblox adopt me codes.

Fossil Isle & Egg Update

adopt me fossil update

Adopt Me keep updating the game every now and then. The latest update is named Fossil Isle & Egg update. In this update you will be able to dig out up to 12 new eggs. You can hatch these eggs and grow the new pets to increase your family.

Furthermore, all the eggs contain very rare extinct animals which you can get a chance to raise as your own pet. Every player can dig out 2 eggs per day. Meaning, in order to get more eggs, toys, accessories you must log in every day.
You also have a small chance of finding toys and accessories. Furthermore, you can also trade them to adopt me paleontologists, Henry.

This is very good chance for everyone to witness old wild life and be part of it. After the count down is finished all the eggs around the fossil field will start to grow. This is the second event of live event of adopt me game after the Pet Wear update. Don’t miss this event.

Adopt Me Updates

As we all know that Adopt Me is one of the most played Roblox game. Moreover it has the biggest concurrent players playing the game at one time. To make the game more interesting DreamCraft team keeps on rolling out new updates every now and then. Similarly they are have also released a new update of the game. The major parts of the update are :

  • You can now trade your Ultra rare and legendary pets with the new trading license. This trading License can be achieved in the game completing some simple activity. Furthermore, you can also check your trade history in the game.
  • 9 new trading slots have been introduced in the game. These slots are placed various places, so you must locate them first in order to use them.
  • A 50 bucks limit cash register is being introduced in the game.

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