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Roblox Arsenal Codes 2021 | Active

We have created a vastly long list of Roblox Arsenal Codes. These codes provides many free items, guns, clothes and very cool assessors like helmets, gears etc. Below you will find the working codes that have ever been published along with them you will find expired codes and the best skins and guns in Arsenal.

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Working Roblox Arsenal Codes 2021

redeem codes on roblox arsenal

Below is the new list of roblox arsenal codes. Copy and redeem them as soon as possible because these codes tend to expire really soon.

Arsenal CodesRewards
TROLLFACE free bucks credit
POG1200 B$
PETcute pet
JOHNVoice of rouged announcer
EPRIKAannouncement voice of Eprica
BLOXY free credit
FLAMINGOcool gun
Banditesbandit dress
KITTENKoneko Announcer Voice

Arsenal Skin Codes

Here are the best skin codes for Arsenal. 

Arsenal Skin CodesRewards
CBROXPhoenix Skin
ANNAAnna Skin
POKEPoke Skin
F00LISHJackeryz Skin

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Expired Codes for Arsenal

We always advice our fellow roblox player to redeem all the codes as soon as they see them. Because, these codes never comes with an expiry date, so they tend to expire in just two or three days. Below you will find how many codes have expired and you will also see many which you have never redeemed. 

ERTHERN:  Apply the given roblox arsenal codes and get the coolest revolver

AIRBENDER: Get a free arsenal skin by using this code

COFBULLET: Apply the next code on Roblox as soon as possible

LINEHIGH: Get HERO Skin for free on redeeming this arsenal code

Various free Arsenal Skins

There are many skins that you can get in arsenal. Every skin makes you look damn cool in their own way. And there is a different procedure of getting the skin for free without paying a penny. For that you must follow these instructions that we have given below with the skin name.

How to get Wendigo Skin

Free Roblox Arsenal Windigo Skin

Wendigo is one of the most cool looking and sought skin inn Arsenal. To get this skin you must play the Dizzy map in the Arsenal. That can be pretty easy thing to play if you own a VIP server in Arsenal, but if you don’t then there is still a chance for you. You must jump in and out of the arsenal random plays until you get in to the Dizzy map.

Once get in to this match then you need to go the underground location in the map. You can get there by going to through the garage near the wooden ramp or going to center of the map and getting under the two wooden planks that are covering the surface. There you will find the a skull. Now touch the skull or press E near it. Once you have interacted with it your screen will be tinted red. Now you must play the dizzy map again on the same server to get this skin. On VIP server it can be done easily but on private server lets hope that the same map is voted again.

Now when you have again entered the same map, you must have at least a single elimination to earn the Wendigo badge and get the skin in your inventory.

How to get Arsenal Fire Golem Skin

This another big rock solid skin that you can get in Arsenal game. To get this skin you must play the Aircraft map. Once you are into the Aircraft map either through the VIP server or randomly playing maps, you need to go to the back of the ship where you will see smoke and molten lava.

Arsenal Fire Golem Skin

Now one thing that you need to get this skin is a water balloon or snowball gun/weapon. Though the snowball / water balloon in to the fired lava. Once you do that then your everyone who is playing the map along with you will earn the Fire Golem badge and ultimately get the new skin.

How to redeem new codes in Arsenal

Arsenal is one of the greatest shooting game on the Roblox. We have already provided you the working list of  arsenal codes. Now it is time for us to tell you how to redeem these codes. To do that you must follow these few simple steps.

how to redeem codes in roblox arsenal
  1. First of all launch the and let it load in to your profile. Then look for the twitter button. It will be given at the bottom left of the game. Click the button.
  2. Now, a new window will pop on the screen just as shown in the picture here (with a different background though). Here you will see an empty box where you you will have to put the code that you have copied from the above roblox arsenal codes list. Hit the button and you are all set for new reward.

These are all the steps you have to follow to redeem the new code and get a cool reward in Roblox Arsenal.

Arsenal Paid Passes

Arsenal provides various passes for exclusive benefits. But these passes are not for free and neither you can win them through completing any task. There is a certain price for each pass which you pay with robux. Here are all the paid passes explained.

PassRobuxBenefits Image

Primus the Knight Bundle

R$ 245
  • One Avatar – Primus the Knight
  • One Melee – Saber
Arsenal Primus the Knight Bundle Pass
R$ 395
  • Provide Two Avatars – King & Queen
  • VIP Tag in Chat
  • Exclusive & Cool Kill Effect


Arsenal VIP Pass

Mechanical Marvels Bundle

R$ 475
  • 3 Avatars – Professor, R01-V3 Bot, and Scientist
  • 1 Melee – Pencil
Arsenal Mechanical Marvels Bundle Pass

Sports Stars Bundle

R$ 495
  •  4 Avatars – Golf Pro, Kyle, Tennis Star, and Track Star
  • Emote – Skateboard
  • 1 melee – Racket
Arsenal Sports Stars Bundle Pass

Practical Positions Bundle

R$ 495
  • 4 Avatars – Chef, Farmer, Firefighter, and Lumberjack
  • 2 Emote – Pan and Tomahawk
Arsenal Practical Positions Bundle Pass

Bugs & Beasts Bundle

R$ 4956 Cool Avatars – Beezul, Cait, Doug, Mamor, Mothree, and SpidraArsenal Bugs & Beasts Bundle Pass

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