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Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes 2021 | New List

Last updated on February 21st, 2021

We are happy for you guys that you have founded this guide on Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes 2021. This guides ends your search for working codes of roblox ghost simulator right here.

We have collected all the codes of ghost simulator available across various sources for on the internet today and published them in one single guide. All the codes we have collected are tested personally and only updated here if they are working.

Working List of Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes

Claim these redeemable codes before they gets expired. Furthermore, these codes are updated from time to time. Check them back regularly for new working codes.

WINTER : here is the latest code for ghost simulator. Anyone who uses it they will get a starfly pet

100M : redeeming the given promo code provides a new pet (NEW)

R1FT : Apply the code and get mysterious Pet

2020OVER : this code is applicable to get overshot 2021. (UPDATED)

THEEND : This code gives cool gears

SHOCKER : Get a Shocker Pet on redeeming this roblox ghost simulator code

1YEAR : apply given code and get a cute pet

SPAC3 : Redeem the given code and receive a surprising reward

BB500K : Apply the given code to get Bloxy Boy 500 Pet

PLAY : On redeeming this code you will get the Cosmic Hand Pet

FIREFLY : Redeem given new code and get a hot Firefly Pet

All these codes are currently working. If you find any code that is not working or got expired, please leave a comment. We will remove that code from the list right away.

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Expired Codes List

GHOST : apply this code

SQUAD : apply this code

CLASSIFIED : redeem the code to get a secret crate

DASH : Get a moving fast ability on applying this code

FLY : redeem the code to get a flying pet

R2K : get fiery pet with this code

ITSCOMING : apply the code to receive 1 redeem box

EGGHUNT : get secret egg that gives mystic pet

SPIRAL : apply this code and get 2000 gems

WEKNOW : get 100 Ectoplasm on redeeming this code

LUCK : apply the code to get 1000 gems

OCEAN : get a seahorse pet on redeeming this code

HAPPY4TH : Get a flag dress redeeming the code

JUNE : apply promo code that will give 200 free gems

Bubble : have bubbly pet on redeeming this code

SEA : apply this code and get 200+ Ectoplasm

Other Roblox Simulator Guides

About Roblox Ghost Simulator

Ghost simulator is the game created by BloxByte Games in 2018 and allows 12 players to play together simultaneously. It has been growing quite famous since its release with over 93.6 Million + visits till now.

The main theme of Ghost Simulator is that ghosts have taken over the whole world and its the players solemn duty to stop them and save the whole world. While doing so you can do many other adventurous things and keep the game more interesting.

You can even capture ghosts, upgrade your weapons and tools.You can also unlock a pet and raise them to make your journey more fun. Furthermore, you can also unlock new items like hover board while playing.

The players must finish certain quests and challenges to further unveil the story. While completing the quests do not forget to explore the biomes.

How to redeem Codes in Ghost Simulator

Now it is time to give steps to those who do not know how to redeem codes in Roblox Ghost Simulator. Like other Roblox games, it is also very simple to claim the codes in ghost simulator as well. You just have to copy the any active code from the above list and follow these few steps.

how to to redeem codes
  • First of all go to the Roblox Ghost Simulator page and launch the game from there. Now let the game fully load.
  • After the game is fully loaded, look for the twitter button on the left side of the screen. it should be on the middle of the left of the screen. Hit the button
  • A new window will pop on your screen with an empty box and a redeem button below it. Paste the code you copied from above and hit the redeem button.

This how you redeem the codes on Ghost Simulator. Now, redeem every active code fast, because they go inactive without any warning. We don’t want you to miss any of the opportunity from above.

Currencies, Hoverboards and Pets

new list of ghost simulator codes 2020

There are two kinds of currencies in Ghost Simulator. These are Gems and Ectoplasm. Both of them are used differently. Gems are used to purchase pets crates and other upgrades while Ectoplasm can be used to increase the vaccume power as well as the storage capacity of your avatar backpack. Both of which are pretty important in the game.

Hoverboards are futuristic skate boards which flies above the surface rather than rolling. They are used travel across the whole map pretty fast. Hoverboards are unlocked through completing the GhostHunter Adam’s quest line in Blox City.

While pets are used to help catch the ghosts as well as they increase the amount of the Ectoplasm you get while you catch any ghost.

Ghost Simulator Updates

ghost simulator updates

There are many ghosts out there which you can catch with your powerful equipment. Now to make this more fun new updates are rolled out ever few weeks. This is the same kind of time. BloxByte Games has given such similar update once more. This update contains many gifts, improvements and bug fixes. These are :

  • Celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner with various gifts and pet crates.
  • Every Ghost will start dropping Golden Turkey Legs every now and then. So keep watching for it.
  • 5 new Hoverboards for this Thanksgiving.
  • Also find a cool new quest line of BO!

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