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Roblox Pet Battle Simulator Codes List | 2021

Last updated on January 16th, 2021

Welcome to the most updated list of roblox Pet Battle Simulator codes. We try our best to keep this list up-to-date every time a new code is published. Furthermore, we have tested and verified that every code works or at least working code pet simulator is mentioned on the top of the list.

Pet Battle Simulator is a roblox game where you get to travel new islands and fight new pet bosses. In this game you get to raise your pets and then make them as your fighter to fight against other pet simulators fighters. You can upgrade the powers of your pet, make them more powerful and win more and more fights.

List of Roblox Pet Battle Simulator Codes

Here is the list of working list of codes for Roblox Pet Battle Simulator. All the codes mentioned below are working currently but they will get expired soon. We will keep adding new ones, but why to leave any of them ithout redeeming. So, hurry up! and get the most out of them.

100KREACHED : Redeem this code to get free boost

ITSHOLIDAY : This code gives boost for 10 minutes

FLYHIGH : Apply the next pet battle simulator code for 20 minutes boost

BATTLE55K : redeem code for unlimited boost

30KBOOSTS : Get 15 minutes boost on using the given code

100KSUB : Redeem roblox pet battle simulator code and get 20 minutes boost

These are the only few codes left that provides the rewards once they are redeemed. Furthermore, if you want to use new roblox promo codes then do checkout our Roblox Promo Codes List 2021 for loads of new codes that we keep on adding there.

Other codes for Pet Battle Simulator (Not Working)

Below is the other list of pet battle simulator codes. These codes were once working and were high in demand but in due time they got expired one by one. Now all of them are expired. we keep on moving the codes from the working list of pet simulator codes to this expired codes list.

We move more codes to the expired codes list than we add new codes to the working list of pet battle simulator codes. This is why we keep on saying that do not wait before using the codes. Redeem them as soon as we find new ones.

MARS :apply this code and get 5 minutes boost

MOUNT: get free boost by using this code for pet battle simulator

1STCODE : Apply another code in pet battle simulator

FLY : This code gives a temporary boost to the avatar

WIND : Here is another code which provides increased powers

FIRE : Redeem the provided pet battle simulator code to boost your pet’s powers

MANGO : Redeem the provided code for pet battle simulator

LEDWHITE : Get an extensive boost of powers for 20 minutes

Hallow! : redeem this roblox pet battle simulator code

Rambo : Get an all boost of 20 minutes by redeeming the given roblox pet battle simulator code

How to redeem codes

It is more difficult to get new working codes than to redeem them. We have solved the bigger problem for you, now it is time to solve the smaller one. Just follow these steps to redeem the codes in pet battle simulator.

how to redeem codes in roblox pet simulator

First of all launch the game and let it completely load. While the game is doing that you open our guide and copy the code from the above list that you have not used yet.

Once the game is fully opened, look for the twitter button right side. Click on it.

On the next window you will see an empty field where you are to pate the code and hit the redeem button. That is it.

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About Pet Battle Simulator

Codes for Roblox Pet Simulator Codes

Roblox Pet battle Simulator is the game where you get to travel new islands, fight pet bosses and make your pets more stronger and better every day. You get to choose your battles. This game was designed and created by Albatross Studio earlier this year and now it has become one of the most played roblox game in just a few months of time.

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