New Roblox Promo Codes Not Expired List

Roblox Promo Codes not expired List (2021)

Looking for working Roblox Promo Codes can sometimes become a little too hectic, believe it we have been there. Hi, everybody and welcome to GameCodesGuide. We are a team of two people working hard in order to provide you the most valid and relevant information you are looking for, including the Roblox Promo Code Not Expired List.

In this guide you will find every working code as well as Roblox hacks that you have been looking for ((believe us when we say that they will help you achieve great thing in Roblox).

Furthermore, we have created guides on many Roblox games. Go to our our Roblox Game Codes page to easily check them out.

Follow through to get the working hacks & codes for Roblox.

Not Expired Roblox Promo Codes 2021

working roblox promo codes list

If you are trying to upgrade your avatar, then you have found the greatest treasure of all. These promo codes for Roblox provides free items, accessories, clothes, weapons and many other things. With these items, you can make your avatar coolest.

Tech Head

Amazon gaming has rolled out new code with a new reward and the reward is called as ‘Tech Head‘. It is a head accessory and can only be gained through amazon gaming code. You can get these codes from Amazon Prime Gaming page. Furthermore, this item will be available to equip in Accessory>Head

TWEETROBLOX : This code gives a cool tweet bird that sits on your shoulder. This code could easily be the oldest roblox promo code ever created. (Accessory > Shoulder)

SPIDERCOLA : This promo code gives shoulder accessory called Spider Cola. (Accessory > Shoulder)

Many roblox codes have expired in the past few days. Only these two codes remain in working condition. New roblox promo codes are on its way. Just bear with us until they are here.

Roblox Codes for Island of Move

Furthermore, there are some roblox codes which can only be redeemed in the specific game called as Island of Move. These codes are officially created by the roblox developers. You will find them below with the name of the reward:

StrikeAPoseA free Hustle Hat
DIYKinetic Staff
GetMovingSpeedy Shades
SettingTheStageBuild it Backpack
WorldAliveCrystalline Companion
VictoryLapCardio Cans

Note: A new accessory has been added to the free items list. The name of the item is Fan Hand Sign – Why Don’t We (WDW). It is an back accessory. So you will find it in Inventory>Accessories>Back.

Fan Hand Sign – Why Don’t We (WDW)

Furthermore, you can use this supporting hand to show your support Why Don’t We band in Why Don’t We Launch Party.

Expired Promo Codes For Roblox

Roblox promo codes are rolled out every now and they also keep expiring apparently faster than than they are created. The best thing about the roblox promo code rewards is that the items that are received from redeeming these codes remain in the inventory for all eternity.

Once these roblox redeem codes expires, then you will not find their reward items any where. That is why we keep on telling you to claim every promo code for roblox as soon as you see them.

Below is the list of all the expired roblox promo codes given.

ROBLOXTIKTOK : This is the latest Roblox Promo Code which gives TikTok Party Panda to celebrate the roblox’s arrival on tiktok. 

WALMARTMXTAIL2020: Get a Wintery Peacock tail on redeeming the given roblox promo code. 

TOYRUHEADPHONES2020 : Furthermore,  receive Teal Techno Rabbit on redeeming given code

SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020 : Redeem roblox promo code and get Gnarly Triangle Headphones. (Accessory > Hat)

TARGETFOX2020Apply the given code for roblox and get a fox shoulder pet. (Accessory > Shoulder)

DRRABBITEARS2020 : A new promo code for roblox is here. It gives Royal Winter Rabbit Ears. 

ARGOSWINGS2020Get the beautiful Topaz Hummingbird Wings on redeeming this promo code on the roblox promotions page.

VictoryLap : Redeem code and get free Cardio Cans

SettingTheStage : Redeem code and get Build it Backpack

GAMESTOPPRO2019 : Apply this code to get Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun

HAPPYCAMPER : Claim code for Dustin’s Camp Know Where Cap

Roblox Q&A

We are sure everyone always have their fair share of questions. We will try to answer some of the most asked questions as best as possible. You can also submit your queries in the comment box below. We will answer them too.

Q1. How to use Promo Codes in Roblox ?

The hardest thing of this process is getting the working promo codes for roblox. Once you have solved this problem (which you have already took care of by finding this guide), all you have to do is to copy the code from our guide.

Further when copied go to the ‘Redeem Roblox Promotion Codes‘ on official roblox website. The put the code inside the promo code box and hit redeem. There could be three results of these hitting the redeem button. These are:

  • Code is redeemed.
  • Code already redeemed.
  • Invalid Promo Code.

If the code is new and working then you will get the dialogue “Code is redeemed”. But if the code is already used then you will get the second dialogue “Code already redeemed”. Similarly, if the code is expired, the you will get “Invalid Promo Code” dialogue.

You don’t have to worry about the code, because all the codes inn the working section are tested every once in awhile. Meaning, we keep updating the list every time there is a new roblox promotion code or any code is expired.

Q2. Where to find the reward of Roblox Promo Codes ?

After you have redeemed any promo code in Roblox, the next step is to equip the reward with your Avatar. But many times, the roblox players are not able to find where the reward goes after they have successfully redeemed roblox promo code. 

Whenever you gain any reward, it goes straight to the inventory section of your roblox account. In the inventory, you will find many categories of the accessories, faces, gear, heads etc. You will find your reward in one of those categories depending upon the type of your reward.

To everything easy, always pay attention what kind of reward does that promo code in roblox provides. For example if it provides a shoulder pet, then you will find it in Inventory > Accessories > Shoulder. From there you can easily equip that reward to your Avatar.

Q3. Are there any free robux generators ?

Anyone who plays roblox, must have searched this question at least once in their life. NO, there is no such thing as free robux generator. Anyone who says they have a robux generator is a fraud.

Remember, only provides robux. While there are some ways you can earn robux for free without really paying anything. You can check them out in detail on our guide on how to earn free Robux.

Q4. What are Roblox Gift Card Codes ?

Roblox provides a facility to its players to generate or purchase roblox gift card codes and gift them to their friends and family on their special occasions.

Furthermore, you can get a roblox gift card code on their official gift card page or you can go to amazon and purchase them there. the best part is these gift cards also provides a free item along with. These free items are exclusive and can only be collected from a roblox gift card.

Q5. What are Creator Challenges ?

roblox creator challenges

Roblox Creator Challenges to earn some extra rewards. In, creator challenge has quiz game type setup. You will be asked many questions and if answered right, you will be rewarded accordingly. Moreover, the rewards will include avatar items as well as distinction badges. You can learn about these quizzes from Roblox Studio.

There are many Creator Challenges on Roblox. These are mentioned below:

Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge

Godzilla Creator Challenge

Jurassic World Creator Challenge

PC Creator Challenge

Furthermore, if you have completed all the creator challenges, but you still want to earn rewards then you can do one thing. Find out all the badges that you have earned in these challenges and delete them. This will again make you eligible for the creator challenges.

Q6. How long does a promo code in Roblox stays active ?

Well, there is no right answer for this question. There are promo codes that expires in just one or two days, while some codes will expires in a few weeks time.

But there also some roblox promo codes that are still active even after it has been months since they were created. We are sure you can recognize those codes pretty easily.

Q7. Where to find the rewards of Roblox Promo Codes?

Once you have redeemed all the working codes, the rewards will be added to your account. To find these items you will have to go to your Roblox gaming account. Furthermore, in the inventory you will find these items in the the respective categories.

Furthermore, Shoulder accessories can be found in the shoulder section, similarly the head accessories will be find in Hat or Hair section, again depending on the type of the item.

Roblox download for PC

Just simply go to and sign up or log in into your account.Find any game you want to play. Click on the play button and a new window will pop up on your screen notifying you that Roblox is being installed to your system.

Once Roblox launcher has been installed, the game will automatically start on your screen. Now every time you open any roblox game, it wil open itself after you have press the play button.

Free Items in Roblox

If you have already used every roblox promo code provided above or every roblox code has gotten expired and you are wondering how to get cool items for free. Then worry not. Roblox also provides free items to their beloved players.

free items in roblox

You can find them in the Avatars shop of Go to Avatar Shop, there in the category section, which you will find on the left side, there will be a filter setting at the end of category section.

Furthermore, in the filter setting there is a price menu. Select the ‘free’ option in this menu and every free item available on roblox will appear on your screen.

Go to >> Avatar Shop >> Filter in Categories >> Select Free in Price Menu

Or simply go through Roblox Free Items link and you will be directed to the free item page.

Roblox Help!

Roblox has started a new service to help their beloved players. Its called Roblox Help. If you have any kind of question you can directly go to their help page and get your answers real quick.

In addition you can also add your questions in the comment box below. We will answer you real fast.

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