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Roblox RO GHOUL Codes 2021 | Updated List

We are here with a new guide on Roblox Ro Ghoul Codes. We have created this list with the most tested and verified list of codes. New codes will be updated in this list every now and then. But we can only update new codes when the developer team of Ro-Ghoul game creates them.

Furthermore, if you have a new codes that is not listed below then do let us know. And if there is any expired code in the list given below then you can inform us about it by mail, comments or contact us page.

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New RO Ghoul Codes List 2021 (Working)

The list of codes for Ro Ghoul are given below. These codes can be redeemed in the game and not on the roblox redemption page. Redeeming them in the game will only provide you their benefit.

Blox Fruits CodesRewards
!TrafMaskTraf Mask
!Code HNY202050,000 Yen
RoballMask20,000 Yen credit
!Code Sub2Sky1Ms10,0000 credit of Yens
!Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato60,000 yens free credit
!Code Sub2GoldenOwlfree credit of 25,000 yens
!Code Sub2КоПанда50,000 free yens
: !Rozikucredit of 10,000 yens
!ibemask30,000 yens credit
!Code Sub2Sky1Ms5,000 free yens

Some More RO Ghoul Codes

Here is a a list of some not so popular codes for Ro Ghoul. But, provides similar rewards.

  • Redeem this code in the ro-ghoul game and get free yen credit : !Code Sub2Roball
  • Apply the given code for free credit of 50,000 yen credits : !Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato
  • This ro ghoul code is redeemed for 20,000 free credit : !Code Sub22KMz
  • Redeem this code for free credit of 200,000 yen and 200,000 RC : !Code Sub2EDITTY
  • Apply the ro-ghoul code for free credit of 200,000 Yen : !Code Sub2КоПанда
  • Furthermore, redeem ro ghoul code for 100,000 yens : !Code ANNIVERSARY-2
  • The given code provides 200,000 free credit when used in the Ro-Ghoul game : !RoballMask
  • Apply the code in the game for 40,000 yens credit : !Code Sub2xAomSakarin
  • This ro-ghoul code when used for 50,000 credit for free : !Code Sub2Sagee4
  • Redeem given code in the game to get free credit of 30,000 Yens credit : !Code Sub2ibemaine
  • The given code when redeemed gives you 200,000 RC & 200,000 Yens : !Code Sub2Axiore
  • Redeem the provided code for a free credit of 20,000 Yens : !Code Sub2Tokiitou

Furthermore, we will update this list with the new ro ghoul codes as soon as new codes are created. You can also get these codes directly from the social media pages of this game and the game developers. But, we suggest to look for new codes on this guide, because it gets really confusing sometimes looking for new codes.

(Expired) Ro-Ghoul Codes

!code 200MV : this code is not working

!code 5LVTV : this ro ghoul code is expired

Every code that expired are moved to the above list. Stay tuned for new codes.

How to redeem codes in Ro-Ghoul

Redeeming codes on Ro-Ghoul game is kind of different than redeeming them in other games. We give you step by step instructions to successfully redeem these codes. Follow them.

  • Launch Ro-Ghoul and look for the chat button on left upper corner of the screen or you can hit ‘/’ key to open the chat box.
  • In the chat box, type the code you have copied from the above list. Do not forget to add ‘!code‘ before the promo code you copied, without it the code will not work.
  • Hit the enter and you will get the reward that the code promises.

About The Game

Ro Ghoul is a thriller action packed game that is created by SushiWalrus in 2017. It is one of the most popular games. This game lets you to fight your opponents in some of the most fierce battles. More than 1,500,000 has put this game as their favorite and on top of that it has been played more than 600 million times.

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