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ROBLOX RPG Simulator Codes | New List 2021

Last updated on February 21st, 2021

Hey Friends! Follow the below mentioned guide for ROBLOX RPG Simulator Codes which will give you the most exciting prizes. We created this guide to help the players like you and us get free gifts items, powers and many other things. Now let’s start the fabulous Game with Active/Working Codes:

All Working RPG Simulator Codes

rpg simulator codes

Below s the biggest list of working RPG Simulator Codes.

  • HEEHOO: This code Redeem for 600 Tokens.
  • 100K: This code Redeem for 70 Tokens and 1,000,000 Gold.
  • GoodTreasure: This code Redeem for 150 Tokens.
  • Treasure: This code Redeem for 100 Tokens.
  • hallow2020: This code Redeem for 50 Tokens and 100,000 Gold.
  • groupPride: This code Redeem for 1000 coins (Only for Groups).
  • SUMMER: This code Redeem for 500 Tokens and 120,000 Golds.
  • TWISTBDAY: This code Redeem for 150,000 Golds.
  • Helpthepoor: This code Redeem for 50,000 Tokens.
  • FALL: This code Redeem for 500 coins.
  • 500KVisits: This code Redeem for 500 Tokens and 100 Crystals (Only for 1 Week).
  • 1POINT5K: This code is Redeem for 500,000 Gold and 10 Crystals.
  • 4000FOURTHOUSAND: This code Redeem for 4000 coins.
  • 10kSmilesOnly: This code Redeem for 10,000 coins and 20 Crystals.
  • Easter: This code Redeem for 400 Tokens and 15,000 Gold.
  • Delayed: This code Redeem for 120,000 Gold and 1,000 Tokens.
  • 5bands: This code Redeem for 5000 Gold.
  • 500KVisits: This code Redeem for 500 Tokens and 100 Crystals (Only for 1 Week).
  • vintiscoo123: This code Redeem for 300 Tokens and 10,000 Gold.
  • 1MVisits: This code Redeem for 1000 Tokens and 200 Crystals.
  • Thx41K: This code Redeem for 5000 Gold and 800 Tokens.
  • Tentokens: This code Redeem for 10 Tokens.
  • Wizard: This code Redeem for 500,000 Tokens.
  • Scammer: This code Redeem for 2500 Tokens.

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Some More Info

Along with these codes, I want to tell you that if your Hero beat an enemy named Noob from 1 to 4 level, then you will get 5 to 35 coins, as well as your character’s health will be from 10 to 75 points.

Moreover, in the 5th phase, the enemy’s name of your character will be Hostile noob, which will also be called the BOSS of this game. If you and your team kill the boss, you will get 100 Coins and health will get 500 points.

In the same way, when an enemy named Goblin defeat from 4 to 9 levels, 50 to 110 Coins will be given, and 125 to 250 points will charge in health. In 10th phase, Boss name is Giant Goblin. Moreover, if you and your team destroy this enemy you will get 250 Crystals and 2000 health points and so on.

Last 46 to 49 levels, your enemy’s name will be Duck, Super Duck, Hyper Duck and Extreme Rainbow duck. You will get 1,000,000,000 to 1,000,000,000,000 health points and 1 to 1,000 Diamond coins.

And last 50th level of this game, your enemy/Mega boss name will be Demon Duck of Everything. If you and your team trained or prepared for fighting with this Mega Boss and destroy them, you will get 500,000,000,000,000 Health points and 5,000,000 Tokens and 10,000 Crystals.

How to redeem codes for RPG Simulator

To know how these codes are redeemed, you must follow these few steps. Furthermore, if the code you try to claim is valid you will get a green thumbs up. But, if the code is invalid, expired or already used then you must follow every step again with a new code.

how to redeem codes in roblox rpg simulator
  1. First of all look for the a codes button which has twitter icon and codes written above it. You will find this button on the left side of the screen. Hit this button.
  2. Now a new window will appear in front of you. It will have an empty box with ‘CODES’ written inside it. Paste the code in it and hit the redeem button.

If there any code that has expired, please do let us know. If there is any new code that you have used and we don’t have, please let use know. It will be a very big help as well as contribution to the roblox community.

About Roblox RPG Simulator

One of the best games of ROBLOX Game list is RPG Simulator. RPG Simulator was made in 4th February 2014 by Garner Tech. RPG Simulator is Adventure based game.

In this game, you will fight monsters and bosses with your friends. It provides you most powerful weapons and other necessary tools for you hero’s health and characters. Furthermore, if you need some other characters and weapons, you can purchase or apply new accessories from selected items.

About 2000 players can enjoy the game simultaneously and 10 players play together per server. Each enemy must be killed at least 10 times Furthermore, during the last phase there is a boss who has enormous health. To face him, you need need complete preparation and training so that they can all beat or beat the boss together.

We hope you are completely satisfied with our information. Thanks for visiting.

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