Roblox Shindo Life Codes (Shinobi Life 2 Codes) | New & Working

Once again we are beck with new list of working Shindo Life Codes. Every code is tested and updated after verification that it is legit. New codes are updated in this guide every few days so keep checking back.

Previously, Shindo Life was known as Shinobi life 2, based on a very famous anime show, it ran into some right issues, but after some updates, changes and removals, they are back with a new name ‘ Shindo Life‘.

Lets begin with new codes for Shindo Life 2021.

New Roblox Shindo Life Codes

roblox shinobi life 2 codes

Below is the the working codes for shinobi life 2. But before going to this list, we want to tell you that these will be regularly updated and by any chance if any of the code gets expired then please do let us know through the comments. We will remove the code and update a new one if there is any.

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Furthermore, you can also submit a new code that you see we don’t have. We will be glad to add that shinobi life 2 code to our list.

Shindo Life CodesRewards
Alchemist!free spins
RELLbigbrainfree spins
RELLhOuSe!free spins
ThanksRELLGames!free spins
VoneFix!stats reset

These are the only codes for shinobi life 2 that are working right now. Redeem them asap because it won’t be long when they also expires and there is no definite time when the new codes will arrive.

Expired Roblox Shindo Life Codes

Here is the older shinobi life 2 codes list.

ha11ow3v3s! : get 20 spins on redeeming this code

Event0n! : redeem the given code and get a credit of 30 spins

k1IIStr3ak! : grab 30 spins on redeeming the given code

B3LLaReR1ng1ng! : This is the latest Shinobi Life 2 Code that provides free spins when redeemed.

WOR1DTON! : This code gives 2 spins on application

BROKENWR1ST! : A new code for 5 spins

100KREACH! : This code is applicable and gives 2 spins

OP3N3D! : A new code for shinobi life 2

T0PRABK! : furthermore, this another code which provides 5 spins

CODEW0RK2! : We provide you new code for 20 free spins

HIGHT1D3: This promo gives 5 free spins

S1LKGR1ND! : This code is applicable on twice and gives 5 free spins

How to apply codes in Shindo Life

It is very simple to use the Shindo Life  Codes in the game. You just need a working code (one from the above list) and then just need to follow some the steps thoroughly given below.

how to apply shinobi life 2 code -pt 1

First of all, after launching the game, scroll up to the edit button in game mode. Click on that option. Now you will see a screen popping up with the avatar and options to edit it.

how to apply shinobi life 2 codes pt 2

Find the empty code box given next to the Youtube icon in the right upper corner of the game. Pate the code in the box and hit enter. If the code works you will get the reward.

Redeem every shinobi life 2 code mentioned in the list above to gain the maximum reward.

About Shindo Life / Shinobi Life 2

Roblox Shindo Life / Shinobi Life 2 is fighting simulation game based on the ninja anime called Naruto. This game is created by Naruto RPG early this year and since than it has been popularizing insanely. It has been, till this moment visited by more than 5.5 million players. Shinobi Life 2 gives chance to experience the awesome powers of ninja by fighting with your friends. It allows up to 5 players to play together at a time.

Shinobi Life 2 was banned for some copy right issues because the game contained some the popular characters from famous anime shows. But now RELL World has re-released the game on Roblox platform after doing many graphic and other updates to tackle the copy right. From now on you will have to search for Roblox Shindo Life Codes instead of the former name.

Shonobi Life 2 Back as Shindo Life

Yes, this is right. Shinobi Life 2 has made back to the Roblox gaming platform with a new name. The new of the game is ‘Shindo Life’. Furthermore, there are many new updates along with the new name.

All the characters have been updated, much of the other features of the game has also been redesigned to make the game more fun for the players and also to make up for all the lost time.

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