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Active Strucid Codes List 2021 | 10+ Codes

Looking for working list of Strucid Codes? Then the search is over because we are giving you exactly what you were looking for.

We created this list by collecting every working code from various platforms like twitter, Facebook, Youtube, emails and the game itself. We assure you that you will find the most updated roblox strucid codes on our guide.

Roblox Strucid is first person shooting game created by Frosted Studio. You can fight your friends strangers and enemies with the most deadly and powerful guns you have ever seen. Roblox Strucid is a really addictive game which lets you build cool and powerful machinery.

It was created in 2018 and has been recently updated on 13th Nov, 2020. Since the initial release of Strucid, it has only been popularised day by day. You can take the idea of its popularity by the huge number of visits. Strucid has been played 379.8M+ times and the number is rapidly growing.

Legit List of Roblox Strucid Codes 2021

claim the best strucid codes

Below you will find the working and inactive list of strucid codes. We have collected these codes after much difficulty and put them together at one place. You will see that all the codes are plainly written below without any button on them or tasks to do to get them. Because we believe in honesty. So there is no working code available at the time, we will directly say that all the codes are expired.

Working Strucid Codes

sup : gives 5000 coins

christmas : redeem the code to get 5,000 coins

joehe : apply given code and get 3,000 coins

These are the only working codes for strucid available right now. We will update more soon. So, stay tuned.

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Other Codes (Inactive)

The strucid codes present in the list below are currently inactive. They were published from time to time and then moved to the this list when they got expired.

Strucid CodesRewards
HURRAAHHH5000 coins
STRIX4,000 free coins
CHICK3Nchicken dinner
UCUYIiKFkSOIIdGzTI7Wp7lg200M Pickaxe
GLIDEfree skin
DRUMEAST10k Pickaxe
FUNN10000 coins
BLASTERfree skin
OfficialCraft2000 coins
yeet1,000 free coins
Yetigo3,000 coins
100M100M free Pickaxes
FIREfree hot skin

All these codes are expired. We move every code that gets expired from the first list to this inactive one. This is to keep a track of all the codes that are not usable anymore.

Claiming the Strucid Promo Codes in the game?

As you have found the list of roblox strucid codes, now it is time to know how you can redeem these codes. Just follow these simple steps to redeem Strucid Codes in Roblox.

redeem codes in roblox strucid
  1. Launch the Strucid game from and let it process fully.
  2. Now look for an empty box with a green redeem button on middle of right side of the screen.
  3. Further copy any Strucid Code from the above list and paste in the empty box and hit the redeem button.

These are the only steps you need to follow in order to redeem the codes in strucid.

Weapons in Strucid

Strucid is a shooting game. So it is expect able that this game is going to have variety of weapons like guns, launchers, bombs etc. Furthermore, we are going to mention all of them below. You just let us know, which ones of these you knew and which you didn’t.

Assault Riffles

These are the best guns for medium range shots. They are more preferred for open spaces but can also be used in the city areas as well. The various assault riffles you will find the game are further mentioned below:

  • Simple Assault Rifle : Damage is 30 with a clip size of 30 rounds.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle : Damage is 47 with appearance close to AK47.
  • Scoped Assault Rifle : This is a simple assault riffle with a scope attached to it increasing its range of shooting.
  • Tactical Assault Riffle : this assault riffle has every thing maxed up with scope attached and increased mag size and higher damage rate.


Strucid has also included hand guns in its weaponry. Moreover, you will find two types of hand guns basically. These are :

  • Desert Hawk : Desert Hawk is probably on of the most powerful hand gun out there. Some says that this gun gives the greatest damage in the list of hand guns.
  • Machine Pistol : Machine Pistol is the hand gun version of SMG. It is auto loaded and can also be used for burst fire.


Apart from guns Strucid also offers different launchers for their your shooters. All the launchers have a high damage rate just as expected. Furthermore these are:

  • Firework Launcher
  • Rocket Powered Gun
  • Quad Launcher


As we all know how powerful and effective Shotguns are in the close range fight. They have just the same effect in the game as well. The various shotguns you will find in the game are as followed :

  • Double Barrel Shotgun : This is by far the worst shotgun in the game both in damage and loading.
  • Pump Action Shotgun : This gun has a clip size of 5 bullets and has 12 damage rating per bullet.
  • Tactical Shotgun : This is the best shotgun you will find in the game. It has 10 bullet damage, has biggest clip size and is the termed the fastest shotgun ever.


Now SMGs are best guns in for the close range shootings weather its in city area or in the open. It is light weight, quick and has a big clip size.

  • Drum Gun : This is the best SMG you will find in the game. It has 25 damage per bullet.
  • SMG 101 : This is very light weight gun. Clip size is also big. It is the best gun gfor close range fights.


Now lets talk about some long sight guns. Strucid did not forget to include he stealthy Snipers in the game. There are just two snipers given in Strucid. This are :

  • Heavy Sniper : This is one of the most powerful gun in the entire game. This has a damage of 95 with head damage of 195. It has 5 bullets in one mag and takes about 3 seconds to reload.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper : Just as the above mentioned sniper, this gun is also quiet powerful. It fast and lighter. This gun offers a damage of 90 with head damage of 190. Furthermore it has 10 bullets in one mag and takes 2.5 seconds to reload.

Roblox Strucid Chapter 2

Everyone who played Strucid has loved the game fully. Now it is time for the beginning of the next chapter. Yes, you heard it right. The developers of Strucid are planning to launch the new version of Strucid game.

roblox strucid chapter 2

The newer version of the game is full of new updates and improvements like new guns, movements, map and many more things. These are all the things to expect from the game :

  • A new low-poly cartoony style map
  • New weapon models
  • Helicopters
  • New reload animations
  • Ability to save maps
  • New Building Models with new edits
  • Daily shops
  • New Sounds
  • An all new UI
  • Mobile Battle Royale
  • Fun Battle Royale Gamemodes

This is not all. There are many other further updates and cool changes that will be revealed with the Chapter 2 of Roblox Strucid.

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