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Roblox Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes 2021

Last updated on February 21st, 2021

Claim the one and only Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes guide. The whole list is legit. Our team maintains and updates this guide regularly with new codes. If you are a new player then we advice you to redeem these code quickly because soon they will expire quickly.

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New Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes

codes Super Power Fighting Simulator

Below is the list of working codes for Super Power Fighting Simulator. Use them and get all the benefit before these codes get expired.

The terminology COINS = TOKENS.

50M – Apply the latest code and get free tokens.

Sub2Cookie – get 2000 free coins on redeeming mentioned code

REKTWAY- redeem given super power fighting simulator codes to get free 1000 coins

Anubis- get free 500 coins with this code

SKY- redeem this code to get 3000 coins

BOUNTY- apply this working code and get 2000 free coins

mehdiable- redeem code and get 2000 free coins

Rainway- redeem new code and get 5000 coins

Forgotten- this code gives 1000 free coin

50KLIKES- a new and working code for Super Power Fighting Simulator  that gives 1000 coins

void- apply code and get 2000 coins

ELEMENTAL- redeem  another code to get free credit

txtbutterflies- apply another code and get 3000 free coins

VIPTOKENS- redeem code and receive 2000 coins

30MVISITS – apply code worth 1000 coins for free

POSEIDON- redeem this code to get 2000 free coins

We keep these codes updated. Every time you will visit this blog you will find the new codes added in the list.

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VIP Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes List

Below is another list of VIP server codes for super power fighting simulator codes. These codes very occasionally gets updated. Our advice for you is to check this list every now and then to get new codes.

JustHamNoTurkey : this code gives 500 gems

Pieover : Apply new code and get 2000 tokens

Rektway: Get 1000 free gems

HyperDjano : This promo code gives 7000 free tokens

65KLikes: Another code that was released on the day they reached 65k likes

VIPTokens: This super power fighting simulator codes provides 20000 tokens for free

Poseidon : Apply code and get 4000 free coins

Bounty: Apply and get credit of 5000 coins

Gems : Get 1000 gems for free

TAKEN : Apply a new code and get 4000 free tokens

CLASSIC : this code gives 400 gems

INSERT : Apply this code for 3000 tokens

HIVE : Redeem new code and get 2000 tokens

OCT : claim this code and get free 300 gems

These codes are VIP special super power fighting simulator codes. They work when you are playing on the VIP server, which means everyone can claim these codes since the VIP server has become free for everyone.

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Expired Codes

NINJA : redeem given code and get 2000 token

TURTLE : Get 200 free gems by applying this code

TAIL : This code gives 500 free gems

DIAMOND : Get 1000 free gems on redeeming this code

GOLD : Apply given code to get a credit of 1000 tokens

PUB : Apply the code and get 200 gems

POWER : redeem code for 3000 tokens

HIGH : Get 2000 free coins with mentioned code

FAST : Get 200 gems free and fast with this code

TWENTY : Apply given code quick and get 7000 tokens

MULTI : Get up to 10000 free tokens on applying mentioned promo code

ENG : redeem 2500 free tokens on applying this code

100MIL : Get 1000 free tokens on applying given code

How to redeem codes in Super Power Fighting Simulator

Now that you have found the new list of Super Power Fighting Simulator codes, it is time to know how these codes can be used. It is very simple to claim reward on these codes.

First of all launch the game and let it load completely in the meanwhile you copy the new code from the above list.

redeem codes in Super Power Fighting Simulator

After the game is launched fully, look for the drop menu given on the right side of the screen. Click on it and five more options will appear on the screen. One of them will be of codes with a twitter symbol on it, hit it.

Now an empty code field will appear on the screen, paste the code in it and hit the redeem button.

About Super Power Fighting Simulator

Super Power Fighting Simulator lets you train your avatar’s mind, body, fists and speed along with new skills and powers unlocking with training and achieving goals. Reach powerful ranks, team up with your friends and great adventures and have fun up to new limit. Furthermore, this is the only game where you will find a free VIP server for everyone.

This game is created by GamesReborn back in 2018 and it has been played more than 58 million times since then. It allows 20 players to play together in the same game.

New Updates

Super Power Fighting Simulator developer team keeps on giving new powers, free items and other things with every new update. And just as every other time they have announced new update with exciting new gifts and improvements for their players. These updates include :

  • Reduction in the price of Luck Boost. Now you can get luck boost at a discounted rate.
  • They have introduced a new goal system to get the special boost.
  • New celestial being and alien item has been added to the game.
  • Furthermore 12 new collectable ancient items has also added to the game.
  • Also a permanent 100x gems credit is given to every player in the game.

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