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New Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes – 2021 List

Last updated on February 21st, 2021

If you are looking for working Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes then your search is over now. Welcome to our guide on codes for Tower Defense Simulator 2021. This guide is filled with a number of working codes for this roblox game. These codes provides many gifts and rewards like free skins, mysterious crates, XP, troops, clothes, accessories and many other items.

All the codes are tested and verified at the time of the creation of this post. We are happy that you have found this guide because we know how desperate it gets when you do not find what you are looking for.

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Tower Defense Simulator Codes 2021

Here is the list of codes for tower defense simulator game of roblox. These are the only working codes right now and we are also not sure till when these codes will be working. Hurry up before its too late.

imababy : newest promo code that gives 200 gems for free

newyear2021 : Redeem the given code for a to get a crate full of surprising gifts

5KMILESTONE : apply the code in the game for a sure gift of free 100 XP

1pumpkin : This code provides a free skin when redeemed in the game

ICYFREEZE : get cool winter skin on redeeming the provided tower defense code 2021

Furthermore, only the developer team of this game can create new codes. So, we can only share new codes for the game when there are new codes available. And we assure you that, whenever new code is created you will find it on our guide before anywhere else.

Expired Codes of Tower Defense Simulator

All the codes mentioned below are expired and do not work. These are the ones that got expired, so we moved them down to this list.

200XP : this code used to give 200 XP with troops

XP100 : well here is another tower defense simulator code which provided 100 XP

PUMPKIN100 : redeeming the given code in the game used to give a cool pumpkin skin. It was published during Halloweens.

SPRINGTIME : apply this code for tower defense simulator game to get a cool skin.

H3R030 : this code used to give 30+ XP to anyone who redeemed it before it got expired.

2021DEF3NC3 : when this code was working, it provided free hunter troops and a bunch of XP to the user.

MORASTO : redeem the code for extra 50+ experience as well free troops

SIMSON20 : this code provided free pumpkin crate to the users.

BISCUITBOY : applying the given code provided 100+ XP and troops for free.

RAZUATIX : Redeem the code and get mysterious crate full of surprises and exciting gifts

Where to redeem Codes in Tower Defense Simulator

Just any other Roblox game it is really simple to redeem codes in Tower Defense Simulator game. There are not complex instructions to follow to get the reward out of them. Just follow these few steps :

redeem codes
  • Launch the game and look for the twitter button on the left side of the screen once the game opens.
  • Click on the twitter button.
  • A new window will open with a empty box given with a ‘Redeem’ button given below it. Paste the code in this box and hit the redeem button.

If your code worked then you will get the reward otherwise you can try any other code that we have mentioned above. Enjoy playing the game.

About the game

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator game is created by Paradoxum Games in 2019, visited by more than 660 million players since its creation.

This game is based is a adventurous game. In this game you can team up with other players to survive countless waves of Zombies & fight evil bosses. Moreover, you can also buy your own tower and defend it.

Furthermore, if you feel brave enough then you can also fight more powerful bosses. You can upgrade your character, level up your abilities and earn coins to purchase items & skins.


Latest update brings many new exciting features and items. Most significant of them are mentioned:


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