Your Bizarre Adventure Codes

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Codes 2021

We welcome you to our guide on the latest Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Codes. Every code added to this guide is tested and verified and then added here. Furthermore, these codes will provide you exciting rewards and other exclusive items.

Your Bizzare Adventure is an RPG-style game, full of action and superhuman abilities which you can achieve by completing certain tasks. with your powers and abilities you can complete some of the most difficult tasks and also fight against powerful bosses and enemies.

Working Codes for Bizarre Adventure

Yay237k : apply the given code for free pure roka and arrows

EXP4 : this code grants 2X experience for about 30 minutes

EXP3 : another bizarre adventure code that will boost experience two times for next 30 minutes

Le225kDub : this code rewards the users with pure roka roka and roka arrows

These are the only codes that are working at the moment. But if you are a die hard player and like to play roblox games, then you will surely like our other guides on Roblox Games that gives exciting rewards.

Older Bizarre Adventure Codes (Not Working)

There are some other older Bizarre Adventure codes that are mentioned below. Most of them have gone expired. But you can still give them a try.

shuttdown : given code used to work till a few days ago and provided roka arrows

bizarreall : provided code boosted the abilities for half an hour

adventurerheaven : this code rewarded the users with pure roka arrows to whomever redeemed it

hightime : the reward that this code gave included pure roka & roka roka

exp2 : given code boosted the experience of the layers two times for upcoming half and hour

expx3 : it rewarded the user with boost in their experience by three times

parapower : anyone who redeemed given Your Bizarre Adventure code used get boost in the power of their attacks

rokashoka : whenever anyone applied the provided code they used to get pure roka and roka arrows for free

ready2 : if you applied provided Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure code

dropsup : if you redeemed the given code for bizzare adventure

typooor : this code code provided boost in the powers of the users

timex : furthermore, this code go expired recently and it gave rokaroka arrows and pure roka

docpara : here is another code that boosted the powers of the user by two times for about half an hour

raftingupi : when any one applied this code they used to get 5 arrows and boost in exp

We assure you that new codes are all on their way, it’s just a matter of time. Till then use the active codes in the first list.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure?

This is the easier part of getting free rewards in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure. The difficult part was to get the working codes, which you have already found in the list above and now its turn to show you how you can redeem the codes in Your Bizarre Adventure. Follow the steps below:

steps to rerdeem codes in Your Bizarre Adventure
  • Launch the game on your console and wait till it loads, in the meanwhile, you copy the working your bizarre adventure code from the given list above.
  • Now once the game loads, press the Play button. As soon as you are on the fighting ground, press the menu button given on the right lower corner (it will be the only option there).
  • A new window will pop up now, it will contain some basic details of your character and also one empty box and a redeem button below it. Paste the code in that empty box and hit the redeem button.

Now you will only get your rewards if your code works and also if you have not already redeemed it. Note that any given is valid for a limited time and also works once per user.

About Your Bizarre Adventure

Your Bizarre Adventure is a Roblox game based on an RPG-Style gaming environment, where you can achieve cool and exciting but really powerful spiritual fighting powers and abilities and fight powerful gangs, bosses and much more. You can upgrade your avatar abilities and achieve new powers by doing certain tasks.

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure was created by Uzukee along with Bizarre Studios®, back in early 2019. It has crossed the mark of 232+ million visits and is a favorite of more than 400K active users.

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