New Rocket League Codes

Rocket League Codes 2021 | New & Active

Congratulations on finding the longest list of Rocket League Codes. The search of working codes for Rocket League is over now. We have created the longest list of working codes.

Best Rocket League Codes

Get  working lsit of rocket league codes

Below is the list of active codes for Rocket League. Use them before they get expired.

RLNITRO :Apply this promo code and get a cool Nitro Circus Antenna (ACTIVE)

Popcorn : Redeem this code and get a fast Popcorn Rocket Boost (ACTIVE)

New codes for Rocket League will be updated very soon. So stay connected with us. Until new codes arrive claim the ones that we have posted above.

Furthermore, checkout the new guide we have created on Roblox Promo Codes not expired List

Expired Codes for Rocket League 2021

Below is the list of all the expired codes for rocket league. Most of them were removed from the active list of codes recently.

shazam : redeem this code and get a limited Shazam decal, wheels and octane

Breakout: You must redeem this rocket league code to get Nitro Circus Decal

bekind : Get a cool VCR topper by redeeming this promo code

WWEBANNER : This code gives random WWE banner, antennas and wheels

WWEBANE : Get cool WWE wheels and banner and antenna

WWERAW : Apply given rocket league code

WWEMANIA : get cool WWE rewards of wheels, banner and antennas

WWWEWORLD : apply code in Rocket League

WWE20 : apply new code in rocket league and get cool WWE banner, antennas, wheels

ROCKETUP : Apply new promo code in the game to get rocket booster

NANOEDGE : Redeem the mentioned code and get cool set of wheels

POTATOLEAGUE : this code gives Couch-Potato title to the user

BIRTHDAYSPECIAL : Apply this code on your b’day and get exciting gifts

About Rocket League

Rocket League is an online cross platform vehicular soccer game. It is one of a kind game. It is created by Psyonix. This game was first published created for Windows and PS4, later it was again published for Nintendo switch, Mac OS, Xbox One and Linux.

Rocket League Platform

Rocket League Platforms

Every player of rocket league knows how exciting and adventurous this game is. This game is available on various gaming platforms. You can download this game on every platform available out there naming Windows, XBOX, PS4, Steam, Epic Games, Nintendo Switch. You can choose which ever platform you like and start playing the Rocket League.

Rocket league download free

download rocket league

This game can be download directly from the official page of the Epic Games. To download this game, you must create the epic game account and then log in into it. There you will see a button for getting the game. Hit that button and your system will start downloading the installer for the game.

Rocket League launcher’s size will be a few mega bytes. Install it and this installer will start downloading the entire files of Rocket League. It will automatically download all the necessary files and install them itself.

Rocket League Add-Ons

Rocket League is one of the most fun packed game available on the internet as well as offline mode today. What makes it more interesting is its add-on packs that they have provided on the epic games official website.

rocket league add-ons

These Add-On packs will allow you to add better themes, skins, sound tracks, cars and many other items to your game, which will help you to complete new challenges.

The only draw back is that you will have to pay some extra money to get these add-ons.

How to Redeem Rocket League Codes

It is quite simple to redeem the rocket league codes. In order to redeem these codes you must follow these steps.

  1. First of all launch the game.
  2. Now look for option ‘CODE’ on the top of the screen. Click the button
  3. A new screen will appear with a blank box to fill in with code. Paste the code you have copied from our blog and hit the redeem button.

And that is all there is to redeem the rocket league codes. If the code works you will receive the confirmation and if not then find out a new code that do work and repeat the same process again.

Furthermore, we will keep updating this guide from time to time whenever a new rocket league code appears. So, stay tuned!

Fan Rewards

Rocket League also provides rewards. They are called as Fan Rewards. Rocket League stopped this Fan Reward program but now they have started it with even better offers and prizes. Users can earn Titles, Wheels, and many other things.

rocket league fan rewards

Fan reward is available on Rival series, Rocket league champion series as well as Collegiate Rocket League streams. You can know more about Rocket League Fan Rewards on their official page.


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