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Slither IO Codes for 2021 | New 20+ Cheat Codes

This is the new Slither IO Codes list for 2021. Slither IO is an online game which is available for both Android and iOS devices. On top of that you can play Slither IO on any internet browser by going to and adding your user name on the first screen and simply start playing the game.

We have generated this list of codes for Slither IO by getting all these codes from every source possible. These codes are published on various social media accounts, provided through mails by the developer team. We have tested everyone of them before adding them to this guide.

Codes for Slither IO 2020

Below is every working slither io code for 2020. We will update more codes soon. Furthermore, these codes provide good rewards viz. Crown Skin, Pikachu Skin, booster and many other exciting things.

0150-6765-3242 – apply this slither io code to get 1 cool Picachu Skin

0295-1038-1704 – Get one crown skin with this code

5467-2084-4628 – This code provides unknown skin

7273-4783-4361 – get a cool crown skin on redeeming this slither io code

These are the only working slither io codes available right now. We will make sure that new codes are are updated here very soon. Just bare with us and if you face any difficulty you can always contact us through comments or contact us page. We will be happy to respond.

Slither IO Cheat Codes 2020 (Inactive)

All the active codes for Slither IO are already shared with you through the above list. This list contains every code that was generated and got expired.

2182-1232-1234 : Redeeming this code gives an unknown skin

4524-7684-5643 : The given slither io cheat code provides boost for sometime

2343-7348-8328 : apply the given promo code and get a dragon skin

3478-8237-3847 : this code provides a crown skin

5462-3267-7326 : redeem the mentioned slither io code and get one unknown skin for free

3462-3462-4781 : the provided code is applicable for every player and gives 2 unknown skins

3250-1232-9763 : redeem the given slither io cheat code to receive a crown skin for free

7834-4327-3429 : the given code provides an unknown skin

4327-3298-9275 : this code that we have mentioned will give a skin of crown

3298-9382-9423 : redeem given code for slither io soon to get the unknown reward

2317-4286-8129 : apply the code in the game get a free skin and boost

4328-3427-6549 : this code provides boost in the speed

3432-8769-7658 : claim given code for slither io to get free invisible skin

All these codes given above are inactive and does not provide anything, so don’t waste your time by trying to redeem them.

Check the or guide on Fishing Clash Codes for new and exciting rewards.

How to redeem codes in Slither IO

It is not so difficult to redeem codes in this game. Once you have found the right code and also have downloaded the game on you device there is very little left to do. Copy the codes from the above list and launch the game.

redeem codes in slither io

After you have launched the game, let it completely load. Now look for the ‘Enter Code” written on the right side of the screen. Hit that button.

Now, a new window will pop up, there you will need to add the code you copied and hit the button.

About Slither IO

slither io cheat codes

Slither IO is an online multi player and multi platform game available for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android devices, but you can also play it online by going to and start playing. This game was first launched in 2016. Slither IO is created by Steve Howse while published by Lowtech Studios.

The best part of this game is that you do not need to log in into any account just download it from the App Store or Play Store or from to your windows device, put in your user name and start playing.

Furthermore, you can also change the skin and color of you slither by going to the Skin Change option given at the left lower corner of the screen.

Build Your Slither

Slither IO lets also build your slither. You can customize the whole slither by selecting every ring of the slither. For this you must go to the Change Skin option on the left lower corner of the screen.

create your own slither

Now on the next screen you will see two new options on right corners i.e. to ‘Select Cosmetics’ and ‘Build Slither’. Go to the second option and choose the types of the rings you want from the given number of rings.

Now after building your slither, go the the first option ‘Select Cosmetics’ select the cosmetics to make your slither look more cool.

What is the highest score ever on Slither IO?

Slither IO is a very fun game. You can categorize it as a casual game but one can really get lose track of time while playing it. While every one tries to do their best making new high scores, no one has succeeded breaking the top score of 370,232.

Is slither io a snake or worm?

Slither is not a worm, its a snake. This has been cleared through the Slither IO Developer teams tweets. This game is an advance version of Nokia’s Snake game.

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