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Soul Knight Codes list for 2021 | New & Legit

We are here with the new list of Soul Knight Codes list for 2021. Each code provides a special reward. These rewards include free gems, timber, iron stone and many other things. All of the codes are tested and verified before adding them here. Furthermore, the codes can be redeemed only on android devices, as there is no option to redeem them on iOS devices.

This is game includes aliens, magical stone, swords and guns. So, it is a complete action pack game for adventure loving players. Unlock new guns and other weapons as you advance in the game and keep shooting and killing the enemy in mysterious dungeons.

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Redeem the working Soul Knight Gift Codes

Below is the list of codes for soul knight. All the codes are redeemable universally, meaning they can be redeemed in every corner of the world. But redeem them before their expiry.

100000 : apply the soul knight gift card codes for free 1500 gems

19NEWYEAR : get 1000 gems on claiming the code in the game

2THANIV : this code gives 1245 gems

70YEARS : if you want to get 1268 gems with 1X Oak Tree and Hepta color viola the apply the this soul knight code as soon as possible

BYETIGER : apply the code in the game for a credit of 1500 gems.

DCDYX : when you redeem given soul knight code in the game, you get may rewards including free gems, 2x trial vouchers

DRUID : the given code is redeemed for 1236 gems, 4X Fertilizers, 3X Ironstone and other things

MIAO :redeem provided gift card and get a mysterious reward containing many exciting items

WILLBE : this code when applied gives 1500 gems

FRBK1 : given soul knight gift card code for getting precious stones for free

UNFORGET : the given code is usable once and gives 5x Fertilizer, 4x ironstone, 3x trial vouchers and 2000 gems

WIERD : get 10000 gems, 4x battery and 3x parts by redeeming mentioned soul knight code

NERD7Z : there is this next soul knight gift code which when redeemed provides 5,555 gems, 5x soul stones, 3x battery and 2x parts

GARDEN :here is the best gift code for soul knight game which gives many gifts like gems, stones, parts and weapons, but only to those who redeem these codes

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Soul Knight Codes (NOT ACTIVE)

About Soul Knight

After everyone have used all of the codes from the above list or you fail to redeem them before their expiry, then you will find them down here.

WISH : wish big and redeem this code for 10,000 free gems, 10x battery, 10x soul stones, 10x parts and 20x iron stone. This code is really rare because of the amount of the gifts it provides.

NOVA : there are soul knight codes that provide mysterious gifts, this gift code is one of them. You will only know what it provides when you will apply it in the game.

HIGHER : this was the best soul knight gift card ever created which provided huge amount of reward.

STONEFORMAGIC : The given code gave 2,000 gems, 5X parts, 6x iron stone and 7x battery

SIGNUP : if you ever wanted a soul stone, iron stone, magic stone all together, then you definitely needed to use this code.

SPOTUP : applying next soul knight code provided 5,000 gems credit to your game account and that too for free.

SLIMFIT : here is the last but not the least soul knight gift code which was only applicable once on android devices. It provided 2,000 gems, 10x parts and 5x iron stone.

Soul Knight how to enter codes

Now that you have found the whole working list of Soul Knight Codes. Its time to tell you how to redeem them. The vary first step is to copy the working code for the game. After copying the code, you need to redeem them through these stops.

redeem code in Soul Knight
  1. Open the Soul Knight in your Android Device. On the home screen look for the setting button on the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the setting button and you will find new options appearing on the left side of the screen, here you will see an icon similar to a number lock, it will be the second screen. Click on that option.
  3. Now, a screen will popup with ‘Gift Code’ written on it, below which is an empty box give with two buttons for cancel (red button with a cross) and an accept button (the green button with right tick) are given. Paste the code in the box and hit the green right button.

Furthermore, if the code is legit and in working form then your reward will be shown to you and if not then you need to try another code. Moreover we suggest to use the gift codes given in the beginning of the list. Because we always put the new codes in the start of the list.

About this game

Soul Knight is a adventurous game created by ChillyRoom in 2017. This game is available for both Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android users. You can download this game from App Store and Play Store for both iOS and Android Devices respectively.

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