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Summoners War Codes 2021 – SWC Reddit (NEW)

Summoners War Codes have become quiet often searched term on search engine. That is why we decided to make a whole list codes for Summoners War, so we can help all the players of the game. The codes that we have collected from the various sources like social media, their official website and emails etc. provides a large number gifts and rewards like XP boosts and mana crystals which further can be used in upgrading the abilities of your summoned beasts.

Summoners War is a multiplayer role playing adventurous game. This game has been around since 2014, created by Com2uS, which is a South Korean mobile game developing company. The game has been downloaded more than 100 Million times and is ranked number 1 in more than 85 countries.

Summoners War Codes 2021 -SWC

summoners war codes reddit

Below is the one thing that you were looking for, working ‘Summoners War Codes’. These codes gives many rewards, to get them you must use them in the game.

SW2020DEC89 : Redeem the summoner war code to get free mana crystals

SEAAUDAY20K : apply the provided code and get xp boost

swcwillreturn : this code can be redeemed for free reward

2020TOURNOISWC : use the mana crystals that you will get on redeeming the given promo code

SHOBUAPAC20: we provide provide you the working swc which will provide you xp boost

BISHENGSWC : claim given summoner war code for xp boost and mana crystal

SW2020OCT71 : get some reward by redeeming promo code today

2020XIEXIESWC : apply the given code in the game and boost up your xp by some points along with free mana crystal

SWC20FINAAALE : this code gives mana crystal for free and also boosts the xp of the beasts.

See our exclusive guide on Slither IO Codes for 2021. We are you will find them useful.

Expired SWC Summoners War Code List

The working codes list for summoners war is given above. This is the expired list where all the codes are moved when they stops working. We keep removing the codes from above and adding them here.

WHOSNEXTS13 : this code provided xp boost

SW2020JUN16 : given code was redeemable for mana crystal

THESHIFT : apply the code for free reward

GIVEIT : summoners war code gives free reward

JULIA10 : get free reward on redeeming this code in the game

POWERUP : boost up your beasts with free xp

BOOSTIN : apply summoners war code reddit

GETUP : this code used to give free mana crystal when it was active

HIGHDENSE : claim summoners war code 2021 in the get and get xp boost and mana crystal

DENISE : this code was gives high rewards

HIGHDE : apply summoners war code reddit if you want mana crystal

MANA10 : get free mana crystal by claiming given code in summoners war game

CRYSTAL : redeem this code for high rewards

We want you all to understand that that GameCodesGuide only updates that are published by the game creators, so we can add new summoners war codes only if there are new codes published. Keep in tune to get new codes, because we will add new ones soon.

Where do I enter Summoners War codes?

Now that we have already provided you with all the working Summoners War codes, lets explain to you where to enter and use these promo codes. It is just as tricky to redeem the code in Summoner War as to get a working code for this game.

We have summarized a few steps below to make the process more easy for you.

redeem codes in summoners war
  1. First of all launch the game in your device.
  2. Now Copy the code from the above list while the game loads up.
  3. When the game loads look for the event button on the right side of the screen. Click that button.
  4. Now a new window will pop up with some new new options like Notice and Event etc. Scroll down the options bar and look for the Game Guide. Hit the option.
  5. Now a new button will appear with Enter Your Promo Code here! will appear next to Game Guide. Click the code.
  6. Now the in the next pop up you will find an empty box with ‘Enter’ button in red. The box will have ‘Enter Your Promo Code!’ written above it.
  7. Paste the Summoners War Code into the box and hit the enter button. Once you do that you will see the affirmation message.

If the code works you will get the promised reward.

What are Mana Crystals?

Mana Crystal, a pure crystal containing fearsome power. The magic war that began over this mysterious power, ended with a surprising solution called, the Sky Arena.

mana crystals

It works like a magical virtual currency used in Summoner War. You can use these crystals to purchase new items in the game, to build new buildings, powering up the Runes and also boosting up the strength of the monsters and beasts that you own.

Furthermore, these crystals can not be sold or exchanged. So, once acquired they can only be used to upgrading your buildings, monsters and getting new things.

What are Runes?

Runes are magical symbols which allows you to unlock new abilities and powers in the game. There are many Runes which are acquired along the way of fighting bosses and other demons. Furthermore, they allow certain abilities and powers like focus, speed guard, energy, accuracy etc. so to make it easy to fight bad monsters.

What are Summoning Scrolls?

As the name suggests, the summoning scrolls are used to summon monsters, daemons and fairies to fight along side you.

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