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Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Codes 2021 (Super Hero Tower Defense Codes)

Everyone who is a Roblox fan has always wanted to have super powers at least once in their lives. We are here to make it easy for you with all new Ultimate Tower Defense Codes for 2021. All codes will provide you some kind of special gift which will not be available in any way.

Furthermore, promo codes makes it easier to for you to get compete with others and get more powerful quickly and easily. The codes that we provide are always tested and verified before they are updated on our blog. Moreover, we will keep updating new codes as soon as they are created.

Roblox Ultimate Tower Defense Codes 2021

Redeem all active codes in Ultimate Tower Defense asap! If you wait too long they will expire and you will regret why you didn’t hurry.

Patrick : to get 2000 gold coins, redeem this code fast

110KLikes : apply this code and get a 2800 gold reward

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator CodesRewards
70KLikesget 3,000 Gold Reward
100Mvisits2,200 Gold Reward
50mVisits2,500 Free Gold
60KLikes2,000 Gold Reward
50KLikes2,000 Gold Reward
Rusty1,000 Gold Reward

Above mentioned Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator Codes are the latest and will provide the promised rewards to you, but only if you redeem them before their expiry.

Moreover, a new code will be available when the game reaches the mark of 80,000 Likes. Until then, stay tuned!

Active Codes

ANIME : Apply the given code for a pack of free gold

Maja : redeem the given codein the game for 200 gold

Gravy : this code provides a pack of 1,000 free gold coins

Inemajohn : apply the given code and get 2,000 free gold

Sub2PlanetMilo : get super planet milo by using given ultimate tower defense code

5MVisits : this code was created Ultimate Tower Defense reached their 5 million visit mark

BREN0RJ7 : redeem the next code to get 1,000 free gems

Update4 : this code provides a mysterious pack of gifts

Tofuu : redeem the given code to get 3,000 gold coins free of charge

Veyar : redeem the given ultimate tower defense simulator code in the game and receive 100 gold coins

10KLikes : This code was shared when the Ultimate Tower defense reached 10,000 Likes mark and it provides a 10,000 free gold coins

15KLikes : this code was provided after reaching the 15K like mark. It gives 1,500 Gold coins to the users

Betero : Apply provided code to receive Betero in the game

Blueio : this code boosts the speed of you avatar twice

MerryChristmas : celebrate your Christmas by using the given code and getting free candy

SnowRBX : When anyone applies the provided code they surely gets 1,000 free gold coins

These are all the working Ultimate Tower Defense Codes available right now. We will soon update more. In the mean checkout our guide on Roblox Promo Code 2021 which provides awesome gifts which can be used across all the games.

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Expired Codes

SPIDERMAN : this code used to give super strength boost

SHIELD : the given code provided 1500 free gold coins

50K : redeeming the given code provided 2000 free coin

MONEYBALL : anyone who applied this code on time they received bunch of free gold coins

SUPERUP : given code used to give 500 free gold

BATMAN : this code provided super strength when redeemed

SUPERMAN : using it gave 4,000 gold coins

How-to apply the codes in Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator

Like any other Roblox Game, Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator also has a very easy way of redeeming code. You can redeem codes in this game in two ways. These are :

  • Copy the code from the above list and launch the game.
  • Once launched, look for the twitter icon on the lest side of the screen with codes written below it. Click it and a new dialogue box will appear.
  • In this box, paste the code you copied and hit the redeem button.

If you code is working, the reward will be credit in your game account. Other wise you can again repeat the whole process and until you find the code that works for you. That will be hardly the case if you use the codes from the list given above.

About the game

Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator was created by Strawberry Peels in early 2020 and is updated on 19th January 2021. Earlier this game was popularly known as Super Hero Tower Defense. Through the life time of almost 1 year, this game has reached a mark of 38+ million visits with more than 57000 people selecting it as their favorite game.

This game allows you to become your favorite super hero, team up with other players to save your tower from the enemies. The codes we provided above will help you become more powerful faster than other, so go redeem them asap!

Game Description

Version 10

Update Log 10

  • 6 New Towers
  • New Map: Hidden Leaf Village
  • New Minigame: Fishing (we’ll continue to improve it with an index and catchable towers later)

⭐ Premium members get x1.5 more gold in the time machine!

⚔️ Assemble a squad of heroes and fight villains while slowly beating waves of enemies making it to the top!

💸 Buy powerful heroes!
💥 Merge heroes together!
⭐ Team up with your friends!
🏆 Try and get the highest wave possible!
👑 Become the most powerful player!

📝 New updates every week!
❤️ Like the game for more codes and rewards!
🔔 Follow for game updates!
😊 Free emotes!

All gamepasses stack.

Furthermore, you will get the more updated codes every time you come to this blog. Stay tuned!

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