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Best Unturned Cheat Codes 2021 Working And Legit Guaranteed

Finding unturned cheat codes and stuck? then you have come to right place in this post you will get all unturned cheat codes you want.

Unturned was launched in July 2014. It is a free game. The game is survival game in zombie word. Where zombie attack is emerged. Also You have to work with your friends to make strategies to survive in the game. This game has become very popular after its launch. The Unturned is available in almost all the platforms like PlayStation 4, XBox, MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Fun Labs and Smartly Dressed Games developed this game. The game is available on both single player and multi players mode.

How To Enable Unturned Cheat Codes:

To use and Unable Unturned Cheat Codes you have to first enter below codesin game console when you are editing the world at game start and press enter.

  1. @teleport <location> – This Unturned cheat code will enables you to teleport from one location to other just write teleport <space> and the location.
  2. @day – This code basically work when there is night in the game this cheat will change night to day instantaneously.
  3. @give <object> – Using this Unturned cheat code you will get any object in game you want enter @give <space> the object id and you will be provided with that particular id.
  4. @time <time numerical value> – This cheat code will change the time of the game you have to provide time in number value.
  5. @night -When you use this Unturned cheat code then the time changes to night in the game.
  6. @vehicle <vehicle ID> – This code will give you any vehicle you want to use this cheat code you have to write @vehicle <space> vehicle id and you will get that vehicle.

Unturned Cheat Codes Object Id :

Also to use these cheat code enter the code in format @give username <item id no>. It will then activate the cheat code.

  • 76 – It will give blowtorch then you will kill them burning.
  • 1091 – This creates a metal wall
  • 28 – It will give you gas can
  • 1369 – It will give you Uzi 9mm gun
  • 1379 – You will get a Tommy Gun
  • 148 – When you use this Unturned cheat code item id then you will get red dot scope
  • 1477 – This will give you MP40 Belgium Rifle
  • 1050 – It will give you safe zone generator.
  • 1192 – Will provide you high caliber military ammo
  • 122 – You will get Ak47 using this Unturned cheat code
  • 1201 – This cheat code will give you Night Vision Scope

Unturned Tips and Hacks :

  1. Always kill zombie whenever you got chance and gain extra game points which you can use to enhance abilities.
  2. Always try to aim for the head because of it any zombie will get more damage and will be killed fast.

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System Requirements :

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7 32 Bit Any 2GHz Processor 4GB Ram DirectX 9 4GB Storage Space

Linux/Ubuntu Any 2GHz Processor 4GB Ram 4GB Storage Space

Mac OS X-High Sierra Any 2GHz Processor 4GB Ram 4GB Storage Space

Recommended Requirements:

Windows 10 64 Bit Any 3GHz Processor 8GB Ram DirectX 11 6GB Storage Space

Linux/Ubuntu Any 3GHz Processor 8GB Ram 6GB Storage Space

Mac OS X-High Sierra Any 3GHz Processor 8GB Ram 6GB Storage Space

Game Play:

Game has many challenges in it one on the top of all as name of the game means you are the survivor and also needs to remain unturned and do not turn into zombies by that keep the human race alive. You also need to struggle in the game nature like have to hunt for meat have some fishing grow crops for eat.

In game other than surviving from nature and zombies you have to be careful from other players who can loot your stuffs also you need to make new friends in the game and create alliance with them so they can help you in your bad days and also you can help them in their bad days. You can also build societies help other new societies to grow trade with other societies.

The game travel can be done in different modes. It includes by land sea and air. Also different vehicles are used for travel like car bikes quad bikes tanks, from air you can use airplanes and helicopters in sea the boats, jet skies are used. The game world is very big it includes big countries like Russia, Germany, Hawaii, Washington Prince Edward Island etc.

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