Wish Promo Codes

Wish Promo Codes and Discount Codes 2021

Every shopper is aware with how great discounts on Wish.com are. On top of that combine these already discounted products with the Wish Promo Codes and you will get the price so low that you will not find anywhere else.

Welcome to the biggest list of promo codes for Wish. Here you will find the Wish promo codes that gives discounts of as much as 90% along with the free shipping and everyone knows that this is something you do not get everyday. Furthermore, the discounts these codes offers are 10$, 20%, 50%, 75%, 90%, $5, $10, $20 and the best part is that all these codes applies to every product available on the store.

Working Wish Promo Codes for Existing Customers

Redeem all the promo codes wish to avail the discount and benefit mentioned along with them. You can also add any code, information about their discount, expiry etc. through comments.

Wish Promo Codes Hacks

FIREWORK : Happy New Year everyone. Celebrate the new year with 60% off with up to $100 maximum discount. (NEW)

Gadget : Redeem the code and get 20% discount with the maximum limit of $100 discount

PDQVHVH : This is a Wish Referral Code. Use this when you try to register on Wish.com. Using it at the time of registration will give you a $5 free credit. This credit does not expire and it is stored in the Wish Wallet Cash.

NEW10 : This Wish Discount Code gives 10% discount. It does not have any maximum limit.

aff10 : Apply the given code on your first purchase from Wish to save 10% discount. This code works on all products of any value.

SHIFT : Shift from any other shopping stores to Wish.com for getting high discount. Apply the given code and save 50% discount with $100 maximum discount.

Wish Coupons 2021

wish discount codes

Below are some of the Wish coupons which were published recently. We collected them added in our list so you can get the maximum benefit possible on your shopping.

WISHOUT : Redeem the given wish coupon code on order in order to get 20% discount.

SHOPPED : This code is worth 50% discount. But it works on some lucky customer accounts. So try your luck.

20OFF : It gives $20 discount on a $100 order. In other words you can get 20% discount on your shopping but only if the order crosses the minimum limit.

WISH5O : Get 50% discount on you next wish order.

NEVERGIVEUP : Apply the new wish coupon 2021. It gives 20% discount.

SHOPPINGFUN : Redeem new promo code wish for 50% discount. We suggest to use this code soon and that too on a high cost order

BLACKITIS : Apply the wish code to unlock a buy one and get one free offer. This code is only applicable if you place a order of above $50

FRIDAYSALE : Enjoy this Black Friday by applying wish discount on already discounted products. So this code gives a compounding effect on the discount because you are getting a discount on a product that is already on discount

Wish Free Shipping Code

We know that most of you are looking for a wish free shipping code and you are probably tired when you failed to find one after so many attempts. We know your search has been too disappointing.

That is why we are here to inform you that there are currently no working wish code for free shipping. Anyone who says that they have free shipping code are lying. And if there is ever a free shipping wish code published we will be the first one to add that our guide.Until then there so many wish promo codes mentioned above use them enjoy your shopping.

And one more thing, Wish.com have started a flat delivery charges. The charges are really low now. So, you can order anything without worrying about the shipping charges.

Where apply Promo Codes Wish

We will show you how you can redeem any promo code in Wish.com. You can either redeem these codes by visiting wish.com and logging in to you account, adding stuff in cart and apply the codes at checkout. Or you can use the Wish App and follow the same procedure but here you will not have to re log in into your account because once logged in you stay logged in.

how to redeem promo code in wish

To redeem the wish discount codes follow these steps.

  • Copy the code from the above list and launch the Wish app
  • Add everything you wish to purchase into your cart and go to the checkout.
  • Here you will get the detail about the cost of your order. Below you will see an empty box with ‘Enter Promo Code’ written on it.
  • Paste the code and tap the ‘Apply’ button next to the promo code box.

Your order will be discounted if the code meets with the conditions that too considering that the code you entered is valid and in working condition.

Download Wish App

You can shop on wish.com but to get the best experience of shopping, you gotta try the Wish App. They have provided the app for both Android and iOS devices, which you can download them from Play Store and App Store respectively.

Various eCommerce Apps by Wish.com

You already know about Wish.com as well as Wish App. But, Wish also provided various other apps to target very specific Wish customers. Lets discuss about all of them below:

Varios Wish Apps
  1. Wish App- Shopping Made Fun

    This is the standard Wish app that everyone use which provides everything from clothes to shoes and tools to electronics. You will get highly discounted products on this app. It is available for normal customers.

  2. Wish Local for Small Businesses

    This app is created by Wish for local businesses. Now small local businesses can also sell on Wish. They can also act as a Wish pickup location for orders and earn more on every order delivered through them.

  3. Geek – Smarter Shopping

    Wish Geek app is a one place solution for every electronic product you want. You can get products from ear phones to cameras on this app at a really discounted price.

  4. Mama – Thoughtful Shopping

    If you became parent recently then you are up for a treat. You will every child care product that you want at a really low price and in high quality on the Wish Mama App.

  5. Home – Design & Decor Shopping

    Home app provides the best deals on every product you want while decorating you house right at you finger tips. All products are in good quality and on discounted price.

  6. Cute

    Find every fashionable product whether its a show, beauty product or fashionable clothing, you will find them all on Wish Cute app at exclusive prices.

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